WhyGolf is introduced to make golf more fun with groundbreaking training aids

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Golf Training

WhyGolf, a new golf training and apparel brand founded by Brad Mason, is opening its virtual doors to showcase fresh styles and the much-needed humor in a sport that often takes itself a little too seriously.

Golf is a sport. It should be fun. Why are golf brands so buttoned up?

“At WhyGolf we portray general, relatable frustrations that all golfers experience in a humorous and self-deprecating way. Then we offer WhyGolf as a solution to your problems. ”- Founder Brad Mason

After every slice, every shaft or every chunk, golfers ask themselves the same question: Why? “Why are we doing this to ourselves?”

WhyGolf knows because they were there and made it their goal to make the toughest sport easier with groundbreaking training aids.

Why Golf’s Lament

“Why are we doing this to ourselves?

Hit a little white ball only to chase after it again?

The thighs, the hooks, the duffs and puffs.

Or watch as it wanders straight into the forest.

We get angry to the point – sometimes a 7 iron.

Spend hours on the range trying to fix this piece.

‘It’s just a small bubble.’

Is it the challenge to do our best? Or the camaraderie of trash talk?

“Good buddy. You almost made it over the women’s t-shirts. ‘

Those first tee shakes. The short putt gasps. We can’t be that crazy, can we?

Sure we are. And we’ll be back next week. Or even tomorrow.

But why?

Because now and then. However, not as often as desired. You really hit it.

An effortless sweet spot of a shot that flies for days.

The kind of shot that elicits a “nice ball” with a touch of bitterness from a playing partner.

And for that one moment you think, ‘Woah. I did it.’

That’s why.

It only takes one of those elusive, flawless recordings to legitimize the absurdity of it all.

To justify all the money that is being spent on clubs, gadgets and balls.

At WhyGolf, we don’t promise the perfect swing over a period of time.

Since we have been walking the fairways ourselves for many years, we know that “perfect” is as difficult to pin down as an eagle.

But with our training systems and solutions, we may be able to help you relive that fist-pump moment a few more times per lap.

Because it’s this endorphin-filled feeling that pits our brains.

And let us keep coming back. “

WhyGolf Gear for the golf obsessed.

Learn more about WhyGolf by visiting the website www.whygolf.com.

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