Lisa Currie: Looks like Lumpy has company at home | Nvdaily

  Lisa Currie: Looks like Lumpy has company at home |  Nvdaily

If you remember, I wrote about our big black cat named Lumpy and his separation anxiety issues a few weeks ago. It was a real dilemma … what would happen to Lumpy if I went back to the office and left that black cat at home: alone? I think Lumpy won. I’m home to stay

Effective July 1st, I will be retiring from my position at Lord Fairfax Community College. I guess I’ll have to change my signature at the bottom of the column … Lisa Currie, retired.

No … there are no golf vacations planned or it is not sitting around with soap operas and chocolate candies. I have way too much energy for that and I have plans for this retirement. After tackling the years of incomplete gardening, helping my dear husband paint this old house, and taking some extra (part-time) classes at Shenandoah University this fall, most of the next few months will be trying these Collection of short films to complete with stories that I hope to have released by the end of next year.

Yes, I’ve wanted to write a book since I was a young girl – a collection of short stories about small towns and the people who make up those small towns. Growing up in small towns, I know these topics – and these people. Yes this collection is going to be a work of fiction, but fiction is based on something the author knows, so you may find a trace of someone or something you know in one of my stories. Isn’t that interesting now….

With several stories already in sketch form, I’m ready to face this next project right away … when I find the time. You know, when you talk to retirees, these retirees always tell you that they are so busy retired that they can’t believe they had time to work.

Well it is true.

Within a week, I was so busy that I’m not sure how I managed to spend another 40 hours elsewhere. I don’t think I’ve added that much to the calendar, but the calendar is suddenly fully booked.

I haven’t had a full day without dozens of projects to complete, and I’ve already lagged behind the things that need to be done. How did my life get so out of control?

But I have years to fix this mess … or years to make more mess … I wonder which comes first.

Before I finish, I have to report to Yvonne, my clothesline challenger: all of June and no dryer used.

Lisa Currie of Toms Brook is a retired professor of English as an Additional Language and a counselor at Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown. She has worked for The Shenandoah Valley Herald and various other Virginia newspapers.


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