# 1 LPGA Pro Nelly Korda plays a TSi1 driver

by | Oct 23, 2021 | LPGA

Getting fit for golf clubs is an incredible but stressful process. Everyone walks in with a million thoughts on their mind, in addition to hundreds of the regular swing thoughts: Do I get the shaft? [Insert Name] Plays? I need this driver because [Insert Name] just won [Insert Event]?

Fortunately, there are several high-level fitters across the country, such as Club Champion, who golfers can visit to try a virtually unlimited number of combinations to look their best. And with that in mind, my only advice is play what works best. Don’t worry about brands, names, descriptions, inflections, weights, etc. because none of these matters when you are scoring, breaking personal records and taking money from your friends.

This is exactly what LPGA No. 1 golfer Nelly Korda did.

The Titleist TSi1 driver is described as a driver for medium to high handicap golfers and medium swing speed. The lightweight design means the TSi1 is 40 grams lighter than other drivers, and the center of gravity has been positioned to encourage high, pull-oriented ball flight.

While this description might lead you to believe that the TSi1 is reserved for golfers who cannot swing their driver above 85 MPH or who have difficulty getting their slice under control, the TSi1 is the club of choice for the best LPGA golfers who also brought an Olympic golf medal in 2021.

In short, if you are getting fit I highly recommend that you go in with a blank slate board. Check your brand bias at the door, try your best to ignore the club and head shaft combinations, weights, flexes, etc.

Just focus on getting your best swing on every shot and let the launch monitors tell the story and reveal what helps you do your best.

Cover picture Via Golf.com

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