2017 Champion Trish Johnson in Familiar Place on the way to Sunday | LPGA

by | Aug 29, 2021 | LPGA

It wasn’t anything special for Trish Johnson (London, England), but her 1-over-par 73 on Saturday was good enough to hold the lead over two rounds in one fell swoop at the Senior LPGA Championship from Old National Bank in French Lick, Ind. She carded four birdies in the round, but three bogeys and a double bogey at # 17 left Johnson limping into the clubhouse.

“I didn’t play great,” said Johnson. “Yesterday everything was good. Today everything was average. I didn’t putt very well, made a few good strokes. I drove on numbers 10 and 11 bogey-bogey with which I was not very happy. I have a good one there Drive hit. ” . I’ve got 60 yards and I’m in a terrible gap. Not a wide one, a tiny little one, and all I could see was the ball came out like an arrow and it flew, it flew, bad luck, and I thought, ‘You can either feel sorry for yourself or pull it all together, you’re not out of the tournament so stop it. ‘ And I did. “

After winning the first edition of this senior senior major championship in 2017 after sleeping on the 36-hole lead, Johnson is in a familiar place with the finals approaching. While experience is certainly helpful, she knows the field will be waiting for her on Sunday. Johnson said she would continue to focus on carding a low number.

“Just try to get the best score of all tomorrow so I can win. If you start thinking about something else, you won’t sleep. It doesn’t matter that it’s a senior tournament, it’s a tournament, ”said Johnson. “Everyone is trying to win. When you lead, you want to win. I’m sure I won’t sleep particularly well tonight, but I think tomorrow I’m just trying to get the best number of them all. And if not, then not. I can not help it. I give my best.”


A 3-under 69 in the first round was followed by Moira Dunn-Bohls (Utica, New York) on another warm afternoon at the French Lick Resort with a 72. Her round was highlighted by four birdies on the top nine, including three straight from No. 2-4. Despite the cooling, Dunn-Bohls was satisfied with her performance on Saturday.

“I hit a lot of greens in the front and did a few putts,” said Dunn-Bohls. “On the back, I had the feeling that I would have been a bit hesitant with the putts, as if someone had escaped me in 10th place. It was a bit like another day. We definitely shot more at the pins because you really had the feeling that they would hold. “

Like so many in the Senior LPGA Championship, golf is no longer a full-time career for Dunn-Bohls spending time at the golf club where she grew up in New York. It can be hard to have time to play and practice, but she is making the most of it and is in the running for the finals of a major women’s championship.

“Some days I go out with my husband and we play nine holes, but when you spend six or seven hours in the shop or a few hours teaching on the course, sometimes you just want to … sit down, which isn’t necessarily that It’s best for your golf game, ”said Dunn-Bohls. “Usually I kind of get into a groove a week or two before hitting balls, but unless you’re playing tournament golf, it’s hard to jump right in and play tournament golf. It’s always fun to satisfy this competitive spirit that I have. It’s so nice to have a place to go out and satisfy that, to go out and be an athlete again. “


It was a 1-under 71 for Barb Moxness (Edina, Minnesota) on Saturday’s Senior LPGA Championship, one of six under par rounds played on the Pete Dye Course at the French Lick Resort, with hot temperatures much of the field derailed. Moxness is now in a three-way battle for second place at 3 under the lead into the last lap, one shot behind the lead.

“At the front, I did some good putts and two great pars on # 1 and # 9,” said Moxness. “I got 10 and didn’t hit a bad shot, but I couldn’t get the club on the ball on the third shot, so I ended up making six. That was the only miss that really cost me today. When I got in I hit it solidly and didn’t putts for birdie, but I hit it solidly and had chances. “

Moxness knows that Sunday is best to stay in the moment, especially on a track like the Pete Dye Course. No matter what, she enjoys the chance to play and tries to stay focused on the exam ahead.

“Trying to win the tournament is one thing, but this course is so tough it’s a good distraction to think about because you have to hit every stroke,” said Moxness. “If I miss a shot within five feet of it, I’ll have a few bizarre shots left. Every shot I take has to be very focused and very precise, and that keeps me in the game a little better. I love to play, I love to compete, so it’s great to be here and be able to do this. “


Lee Ann Walker of Southport, North Carolina made headlines at the 2019 Senior LPGA Championship, but for an unfortunate reason. She was rated 58 penalties after her caddy stood behind her as she lined up her putts in the first two rounds, a rule that changed in 2019 and became a subject of punishment. While it was a difficult experience and resulted in her missing the cut, Walker has no qualms and can now laugh at her mistake.

“It was one of those things, I didn’t know my rules. It was my fault, ”said Walker. “No guilty party but me. I called it on myself. People who know me know that I’m an honest player. I made a mistake and admitted to taking my licks, so now I’m the best improved golfer. It was a learning experience. It was nobody’s fault but myself, so I learned from it. I checked my rules before I came. “

Past is past and with that incident right behind him, Walker is in a round of 16 ahead of the finals at the French Lick Resort. Another player who has taken the opportunity to get back to playing competitively, realizes what a privilege it is to play the game she loves in great company.

“I don’t play a lot, so I just came out to meet friends, have fun, and play the best golf I can,” said Walker. “And no, it’s not a matter of life and death. I do real estate and now I’m building my home in North Carolina so that’s more of my focus. When I get out and play golf, great. I don’t put too much pressure on myself. “