4 keys from the longest player on the LPGA Tour

by | Nov 8, 2021 | LPGA

Bombs are on everyone’s lips in golf these days. And they are undoubtedly helpful in your game too. If you can fly your ball past your opponent, you have an advantage over your fellow players, which is shown on the scorecard.

But what is the secret of these long journeys? To ask for help with this question, we asked an expert – Anne van Dam. She is leading the LPGA tour this season at driving distance at over 290 yards per pop, and in this week’s episode of How to Hit Every Shot we asked her to share the secrets of her long-distance skills with GOLF Top 100 instructor Nick Clearwater demonstrate.

Check out the video above or read below for four tips on how to hit bombs off the tee.

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1. Hit the ball higher

To keep hitting the ball, you need an upward attack angle. An easy way to do this is to hit the ball higher and try to hit it. For van Dam this means that he hits about half the ball over the head of the driver.

2. Move the ball position forward

Next, try to move the ball position a touch forward in your stance. This repositioning of the ball will also help you achieve the correct attack angle to hit the ball.

“All I’m trying to do is [for] Angle of attack, ”says van Dam.

3. Keep your weight even

Van Dam also says that she likes to distribute her weight evenly between both feet when she stands up. This puts her in a great position for making a strong, athletic move on the ball.

4. Complete your back swing

Finally, van Dam recommends doing a long – and full – backswing.

“A lot of people try to swing it hard and they’re just starting [their backswing]“Says van Dam. “I try to feel smooth and then I go.”

1. Hit the ball higher up 2. Move the ball position forward 3. Keep your weight even 4. Complete your back swing

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