Athlete of the week: Savannah golfer Kate Barber has the LPGA in her sights

by | Sep 9, 2021 | LPGA

SAVANNAH, Georgia (WSAV) – As the sun slowly set on Labor Day, Kate Barber stared at hole # 2 on Deer Creek – one of six courses at The Landings Club – a chip for birdie.

“It’s great to come here at night, when it’s the perfect temperature, and play round 18,” said Barber. “It’s perfect.”

Barber calmly stepped up to the ball and sunk the 40-foot chip shot, a smile breaking on her face as she pulled her ball out of the hole. The 14-year-old has already got used to the miracle on the golf course.

“I won the first tournament I took part in with 12 strokes,” said Barber. “I really always knew I was good at it.

The St. Vincent’s Freshman was successful from the moment she picked up a golf club and didn’t look back. Barber dominated her first tournament, finished third in the 2019 Augusta National Drive, Chip and Putt competition, and was recently ranked in the top 20 of the 2025 class by the AJGA and Junior Golf Scoreboard.

“I think it’s my will to win,” added Barber. “I love to win and to be in an atmosphere where I can win and I work really hard to get there.”

Barber said college coaches had already signed up here to play for their program after graduation. She hopes to play Division I golf and eventually make it to the LPGA Tour. It seems to be well on its way to achieving both.

“Playing against older girls and even some college players and beating them is a really good experience for me,” said Barber. “Golf really helped me in every way. It shaped my whole life around him. “

There is still a lot of time to decide which college is best for her and which path will lead her into the professional world. By then, you’ll likely find Barber on one of their home courses at The Landings Club, par 4, making long birdie putts look easy, and looking for their next challenge.