Clanton and Suwannapura stand up for the defense of Dow Crown | LPGA

  Clanton and Suwannapura stand up for the defense of Dow Crown |  LPGA

The cardboard cutouts of the defending champions of the Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational, Cydney Clanton and Jasmine Suwannapura, are a nice touch at the Midland Country Club. But golf fans from the Tri-Cities region of central Michigan don’t need a photo to distinguish the duo. Her hats with “All In” printed in italics on the front stand out from the crowd.

“’All In’ starts with Cydney. It was her idea, ”said Suwannapura, a two-time LPGA Tour winner. “I like it too. The feedback from people two years ago was like, ‘Oh, I want this hat.’ I told Cydney that you might start a business somewhere with the all-inclusive hat, a lot of people want it.

“’All In’ can be a lot. Emotionally, you want to be part of a tournament. I’m fine with it [team] Name, I’m pretty pumped up. We’re both all-in with every shot, every putt, in everything we do. We are 100% all-in. “

It’s a motto that Clanton chose for this particular team event, but its origins go back to her college days at Auburn University.

“Auburn did a campaign when I was in school and it was called ‘Family All In’. As soon as you step on campus, it’s kind of a family, ”said Clanton, who became Rolex winner for the first time with the 2019 victory All-in, which tournament I participated in because I was back and forth between Symetra and LPGA jumped [Tours]. The slogan for my year was ‘All In’. I didn’t want to worry about whether to be here or there.

“It’s kind of funny. Made some hats a few years ago, wore them and people loved them. We get the all-in in poker, is it a poker thing or what is it. People like it for a variety of reasons. Some like it for poker and some because it is ours [team] Surname. We want to be ‘All In’ wherever we are. “

In 2019, Clanton and Suwannapura finished the first team event at 27 under par. Coming back to Midland, Michigan two years later and seeing the tournament marketed in town was a unique but exciting experience.

“It’s new to me because I’ve never thought of myself as a [card]blackboard [cutout] Traveling around Michigan or Midland, ”Suwannapura said with a laugh. “I saw a couple of pictures of them taking my board and board around, taking photos and promoting the tournament. Fun to watch And then Cydney’s boyfriend and friends took selfies with the blackboard and said, ‘Where are you? Are you here?’ It is fun.”

For Clanton, the return to the location of her first LPGA Tour win is particularly significant.

“Oh man, I drove here from Toledo and thought, ‘I think this is a billboard with my face on it.’ When we passed there were several [billboards]so it was fun to drive and see that, ”said Clanton. “The first thing I got on Monday morning was several selfies from people taking photos with the cardboard and their arm around it. I don’t know if it’s the team dynamics, but everyone said, ‘Oh, the defending champions.’ It is fun. Kind of funny to see. “

As they try to defend their title, the schedule for Team All In won’t be much different.

“I know we hardly thought about why we played the golf course like this. It was really two holes that were a little longer for Jasmine and a little easier for me because of the length and that was really the only decision as to why we played even or odd holes, ”said Clanton. “I think our greatest thing was just playing each other’s game. It shouldn’t do anything else about me and I haven’t done anything else about her. Whatever you are comfortable with, don’t try to do something that you are not comfortable with. That’s one thing that we did really well in 2019. “


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