Complementary Korda sisters in the third round | LPGA

by | Oct 10, 2021 | LPGA

True, it’s not uncommon to see sisters Jessica and Nelly Korda Tea in the same group, it’s still an unusual sight to surprise. The duo were reunited on Saturday, and as usual with sister acts, the third-round family affair turned out to be more enjoyable for the couple than for most of the others.

“I honestly have to remind myself that we’re at a tournament,” said Jessica. “Sometimes we just joke a little too much. But its nice. I love being with someone I like to play with. That makes it more comfortable on hard days. I think I always look forward to it. “

Nelly, unsurprisingly, repeated the feeling, citing the ability to say anything whenever possible as something that makes competition together even more fun. But there is also the telepathy that comes with sisterhood, and for the Kordas that spiritual connection is manifested by pulling the same clubs from the same distances.

“We always said it’s like a built-in best friend. It’s always fun, no filter, so that’s nice, ”said Nelly. “I like to play with Jess. It’s actually crazy because we legitimately hit the same stuff in every green. I see her whip a 7-wood and I’m fine, 7-wood is. I also meet 7-wood. We’re like twins out there too. ”

As the final round emerges, Jessica and Nelly find themselves seven and six shots respectively behind the leader Jin Young Ko. While a comeback from this far back is unlikely, both aim to fire another red number to bolster the momentum they’ll take with them into the remainder of the 2021 season.

“This golf course plays really hard,” said Jessica. “The rough is as high as we saw it at the US Open, it’s cold out there, it’s long, I have a lot of 5-irons in my hand and this wind is something new that we haven’t seen all week to have . So I’m just trying to put one foot in front of the other. “

“I’ve made a few stupid mistakes here and there during my laps, so hopefully I’ll clean up tomorrow,” said Nelly, who has been # 1 on the Rolex rankings since late June. “I like to stick to my schedule and not deviate from it.”