Do this 1 simple thing to maximize distance and accuracy from the tee shot

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Jessica Marksbury

September 12, 2021

Brooke Henderson knows a thing or two about bombing bombs.

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Ten-time LPGA Tour winner and Major Champion Brooke Henderson has bombarded her since childhood – a talent she attributes to her father’s willingness to let her enjoy herself on the pitch without worrying too much about tech .

“I’ve had the same momentum since I was around three years old,” Henderson said in a recent interview on behalf of her shoe sponsor Skechers. “My father is my coach and I just enjoyed the game. He just let me do whatever and go far. I really appreciate the fact that as an adult I can just swing freely and have fun with it. “

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Jessica Marksbury

Since childhood, Henderson has become one of the longest bombers in women’s games, an average of 275 yards from the tee and an impressive 72 percent of the time hitting the fairway.

And when it comes to hitting both long and straight, Henderson has some simple but effective advice for recreational players.

“I love beating drivers,” she said. “It’s my favorite club in my pocket. It’s just so exciting when I can just kick to a tee and take it as hard as I can. When I was growing up, I always chased my older sister. She’s six years older, so she’s always been a lot more talented and done a lot further than me, but I’ve always tried to keep up and catch up with her. So I always tried to swing out of my shoes and get out as far as possible.

“I think recreational players are often swinging at full speed,” continued Henderson. “Maybe they have to take it back a bit and just swing it 90 percent. Because it should help with accuracy. It’s funny, sometimes, if you swing a little less, it goes as far or even further. “

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