Early wins in 2021 will help Liu return to LPGA tour | LPGA

by | Sep 13, 2021 | LPGA

With only four events left in the 2021 Symetra Tour season, the top 10 in the Race for the Card is taking shape. Lilia Vu was named the first member this year to officially receive an LPGA Tour Card for the 2022 season. She is followed by the six-time Symetra Tour Champion Ruixin Liu.

This season was unforgettable for Liu as she started the year with her first playoff as a professional. World-famous amateur Rose Zhang had a good fight at the Carlisle Arizona Women’s Golf Classic, but Liu ultimately won the championship in Arizona. From there, Liu followed just two events later with another playoff and took her second win this season at the Casino del Sol Golf Classic.

“It’s so nice to hear that I’m officially in the top 10 this season. After the season [on the LPGA Tour] In 2019, my confidence was severely compromised as I couldn’t stay outside. Winning the first two of three tournaments this season and being able to work towards my goal of getting into the top 10 this season really went a long way towards rebuilding the situation. I’m really looking forward to next year, to have the chance to prove myself. “

In 2018, Liu reached six top 10 finishes, which led her to both Player of the Year and the final on the LPGA Tour.

“I think the Symetra Tour is the main reason I can play on the LPGA Tour for me. I’ve seen wallets grow significantly over the past few years and we should all be grateful to all of the sponsors who are helping make this happen. Also, if you are someone who might want to play on the Symetra Tour in the future, I think this is a great platform to prepare us for the LPGA Tour. Without this tour, we won’t be playing tournaments as regularly and being able to simulate life on the LPGA, so I think this is the best choice you can make to prepare for. “

Liu returned to China and will not compete for the remainder of the Symetra Tour season in 2021.

“My parents helped me through the whole time, especially my father. He carried the bag for me and came to all the events. I also really have to thank my sponsors for staying with me and believing that I could come back [to the LPGA] again. I just appreciate everyone who trusts me and helps me to become who I am today. “

“It feels so good to be home, eat some home cooked food, and see some friends. I’m really enjoying it right now and am looking forward to my event here. “