Golf: Advanced Analysis for LPGA

Golf: Advanced Analysis for LPGA

In order to further strengthen its position in the world of golf, the LPGA Tour announced a partnership with KPMG LLP, the American auditing, tax and consulting company, in good time.

That same week, the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship 2021 will take place at the Atlanta Athletic Club. The event is due to end today.

The new development is seen as a step that will “further improve women’s sport through the introduction of KPMG Performance Insights, a technology platform that provides data insights and advanced performance analysis for the LPGA Tour”.

The solution was rolled out this week at the Atlanta Athletic Club and implemented at all LPGA Tour events, the tour announced.

The LPGA has taken “an intense restructuring initiative” over the past five years to its historical scoring and statistics database.

“The introduction of full field data at shot level and advanced analysis by KPMG Performance Insights, such as hits won, approximate averages and performance indexing, is the next step towards long-term data development on the LPGA Tour and provides important information so that players can diagnose and improve their performance.”

Kelly Hyne, LPGA Chief Sales Officer said, “Statistics and scores are key to telling truly dynamic stories from our LPGA Tour players. This new partnership will bring us the next level of advanced data to improve storytelling for our players and key stakeholders.

“We are proud to have a partner like KPMG who shows its commitment to our players and to women’s football as a whole.”

Paul Knopp, Chairman and CEO of KPMG US, said, “We are delivering this transformative business solution for the LPGA Tour and bringing our company’s industry-leading capabilities in data and analytics to transform the game.”


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