Hannah Green finds ways to remember Australia | LPGA

by | Sep 16, 2021 | LPGA

Portland is as close to Australia as 2019 Cambia Portland Classic winner Hannah Green, who can find her without having to take a long-haul flight Down Under. The Perth native loves browsing Portland’s food scene and finding Australian-style brekkie spots to quench the urge to go home, which she currently can’t easily do due to the pandemic.

Green usually travels back to Australia regularly, sacrificing a few gaming opportunities for the chance to decompress at home. But with immigration restrictions tightened, Green and her Aussie colleague Su Oh rely on their friends around the world as they steer the season.

“We actually spent a week in the UK with Georgia Hall and their boyfriend Harry, so they looked after us for a week, but then we returned to Orlando, Florida (where Golf Australia has a house). It’s our second home, so to speak, ”said Green. “Even then, we don’t have a golf club membership so we just practiced and played with other LPGA players. I am very grateful to all of the girls who gave us a lift and played. It’s obviously not the same. It is nice. We have a bed to sleep in and a lot of things that we’ve accumulated since we’ve been out here. “

She can’t freshen up by physically making it home, but Green got a huge pick-me-up last week thanks to compatriot Daniel Ricciardo, who took his first Formula 1 win since 2018 on Sunday. “It was great for him to take the win. Apparently a couple of years since he had one, so hopefully I can get another person from Perth this week, ”she said. “Some members of my home club know him and his family, so I’m sure they would have celebrated for him.”

And if Green wins at Oregon Golf Club, she promises to follow in Ricciardo’s footsteps with a “Shoey,” his signature celebration where he chugs champagne out of his racing shoe. “Su and I said whoever wins next has to do a shoey and then I’ll do it to her and vice versa,” Green said with a big laugh. “So yeah, we’ll do it. Haven’t done it before and I was pretty surprised that Lando (Norris, Ricciardo’s teammate) even made it so I’ll do it. I’ll take one for the team. “