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How Toledo convinced the LPGA to bring the Solheim Cup to the city

How Toledo convinced the LPGA to bring the Solheim Cup to the city

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – The LPGA presentation to get the Solheim Cup in Toledo started with more than 200 local community leaders singing “US-A” in Inverness and pouring out onto the fairway where there was a military fly-over, followed by a bagpiper playing on the fairway.

It took a memorable show to convince the judges that Toledo was ready, willing, and able to host the huge event. It paid off because in the fall of 2016 the committee awarded the tournament to Toledo.

The Solheim committee was chaired by local CEO Richard Hylant and management consultant Meg Ressner, and the marketing campaign was put together by Coact and Associates CEO Mark Frasco and his team.

Frasco says the Toledo and Inverness combo was easy to sell because of its solid hometown roots: “How do we tell the LPGA and the golf world what we already know.”

Hylant said the panel wanted to be “impressed”.

“The one thing that they really emphasize is to break up and get excited,” said Hylant. “We did that with the presentation and Toledo’s strength sold the rest. You draw a 500-mile ring around the city of Toledo, you get a large population base, and you get another country. “

Ressner added, “We talked about how to make this the biggest party ever, from people arriving to leaving, both on and off the golf course.”

And Ressner says that this message also goes to the residents of Toledo.

“Most importantly, you want to be part of the Tuesday morning conversation. And we want to do that, ”she said. “Whatever your role, however you want to be in Toledo to have this great event, that you get the chance to do it, and that you be part of the conversation on Tuesday morning.”

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