LPGA Tour Golf World supports Jane Park and daughter in hospital | LPGA

  LPGA Tour Golf World supports Jane Park and daughter in hospital |  LPGA

Tiffany Joh started a GoFundMe page for those who want to support Grace, Jane, and Pete. Visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/fight-for-grace-fund for more information and to help the family through this difficult time.

Grace Godfrey, the ten-month-old daughter of LPGA Tour veteran Jane Park and her husband Pete Godfrey, has been in hospital since Friday with undiagnosed seizures and brain swelling. Park and Godfrey, who are regular for Ariya Jutanugarn caddies, were together at the Volunteers of America Classic in Dallas last week when Grace fell ill and was admitted in critical condition. Park has regularly posted updates on Grace on her Instagram account and started a blog to keep friends and supporters informed.

“I never thought that I would be able to properly recognize the beeping of monitors and machines in a cold hospital room. After all, the first time I was hospitalized was when I gave birth to my baby, ”wrote Park in her first post. “After only two nights in these four walls, I was able to determine which monitor was loudly vying for our attention, as if it wanted to mock us with every loud beep to remind us of the critical condition in which our little Grace is.”

Doctors believe Grace’s seizures are caused by a virus or an autoimmune problem and expect her to be hospitalized for at least three weeks. Led by Park’s close friends Tiffany Joh and Emma Talley, players, caddies and LPGA Tour staff support the family by sending money so they don’t have to focus on foraging during this time. Talley also organized two prayer and reflection sessions during Wednesday’s Pro-Am session at the LPGA Classic Marathon, where the tour is blowing in the air so attendees could take time to send prayers and congratulations to the family.

“I always call ourselves a traveling circus and we are also a traveling family. We’re together every week, traveling from place to place, ”said Talley. “It just shows that we were a family and when people are in need we can help.”


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