Middlefield Golf Coach Wins LPGA Northeast Teacher of Year Award

by | Sep 1, 2021 | LPGA

It is awarded by the LPGA Professionals membership of the Ladies Professional Golf Association, according to a press release.

Kulig Crow, a former LPGA Northeast Section Teacher of the Year Award winner, has held numerous positions during her 27-year golf career. “Like all LPGA Class A professionals, she is an experienced instructor who is uniquely qualified to teach the game,” Lyman Orchards said in the press release.

“A pioneer in empowering women in the world of golf, Kulig Crow is well on its way to helping more than 1,400 women,” this season alone, boosted their confidence and skill through their Golf Fore Women program, one of the largest programs that kind of thing is increasing significantly in the nation, ”Lyman said.

“She is an incredibly talented player who excels at helping people improve their games,” said John Lyman, executive vice president of Lyman Orchards, in a prepared statement.

“I am really honored to receive this award for the second time from the LPGA,” said Kulig Crow in the statement. “I also love teaching at Lyman Golf Center; The people who come are very eager to learn – and the 36-hole championship golf course offers a really fantastic environment to enjoy the game to the fullest. “