Rounds In The 60s Key To Top Results For Lauren Stephenson | LPGA

  Rounds In The 60s Key To Top Results For Lauren Stephenson |  LPGA

Lauren Stephenson continues to support one solid outing with another.

In each of her five top 15 finishes this year, including the Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational team event, Stephenson has had consecutive laps in the 1960s. Such is the case with the Amundi Evian Championship, where Stephenson started 66-69 to sit at -7 overall over 36 holes in the fourth major of the LPGA Tour season.

“I started with a really good look at birdie on one, just burned the edge. Then a frustrating three-on-two, ”said Stephenson, who typically hit 15 greens on Friday. “The first four holes I was 2 over par and I was off a fairway by a foot, so I felt like I wasn’t doing anything bad. It was different today to start with the top nine because I think the back nine are a bit easier so yesterday I had more momentum to go forward. Overall, I played well and had a lot more looks at birdie that fell out. “

Starting with Hinako Shibuno at the AIG Women’s Open 2019, the last eight Major Champions were winners of the LPGA Tour for the first time. Stephenson hopes to continue this trend by earning her first title at Evian Resort Golf Club.

“It’s assessable because I think it’s relatively shorter in length (compared to most majors). We have a lot of wedges and I said yes [my caddie] Josh [Williams], the short holes are actually harder because the greens are tough and you really have to place them off the tee, ”said Stephenson. “Overall, a demanding golf course. You need to know where to land the ball on the fairway and on the greens in order to create the best situation for you.

“Every course we play is different, like every major we play is different. Each major relies on different players and different strengths. I have a feeling that is why we see so many different winners, a lot of variety.

“Bullet impact [is my strength]. I got it off the tee and that’s the only way to score when you’re on the fairway. You could probably get 200. beat [yards] but if you hit right all day, you’re really in it. “


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