Talented McKinney teenager makes LPGA debut

Talented McKinney teenager makes LPGA debut

The 14-year-old Avery branch of McKinney is one of the most talented junior golfers in the world and will tee off at the LPGA’s Volunteers of America Classic.

THE COLONY, Texas – 14-year-old Avery Zweig is working with a short game coach to fine-tune her game, preparing for what will hopefully be a glimpse into the future.

“It was a great experience for me to know what my life hopefully will be like,” said Zweig about her upcoming big day.

Last month we shared with you the story of this McKinney teenager’s incredible talent and work ethic in a WFAA original.

And she shared her lofty goals in golf.

“I would love to win all the majors to have a career grand slam for LPGA,” said Zweig.

Avery gets a taste of life on the LPGA here at the Golf Clubs at The Tribute, where the tour has a setup shop. And Avery will achieve a dream and make her debut.

“I think it’s going to be an amazing experience to have it in my hometown, 30 minutes away like walking home to my dog, it’s just amazing,” she said.

Avery won a three-day junior qualifying event and received an exception for the Volunteers of America Classic and a greeting from defending champion and North Texan Angela Stanford on her Instagram account.

“I saw that and I was like, hey, she knows who I am,” Avery said, “so I can say hello to her or take a picture or two.”

Pictures and memories will be abundant, and the amount after their first tour start will also be substantial.

“We had about 150 ticket requests,” said her father Ivan, “so I hope all of these people show up, so even if we have 75 and 75, she never had a 75-person gallery to watch, so it will be neat .”

And for that moment at the first tee, right before she’s at her first event on the world’s best women’s tour, as always Avery is ahead.

“It depends a bit on how you take it,” Avery said, “and I want it all to be just gratitude and appreciation for this moment. I think I’ll just try to enjoy every minute of it, whether that’s two days or four, we’ll see.

Chances are we will see a lot of the talented teenager in the future.


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