PINELLAS COUNTY, Florida – Despite the fantastic weather and golf courses, Tampa Bay went without an LPGA Tour event for decades until the Pelican Women’s Championship. Next week, the best of the best will be gathering for women’s golf at Pelican Golf Club in Pinellas County.

There are a handful of golfers who may have an added advantage by already living here.

“It’s crazy, you know, I have a lot of friends and family around who don’t see me play a lot of tickets that often,” said golfer Brittany Lincicome.

These local golfers not only drive golf balls, they drive to work.

“Being able to sleep in my own bed at an LPGA event is something I can never do, and it’s so great not having to pack a suitcase or get on a plane,” said golfer Brittany Altomare.

After a 40-year hiatus, the LPGA tournament returns to Tampa Bay for the second annual Pelican Women’s Championship.

Elizabeth Szokol hopes her many rounds at Pelican Golf Club will give her an extra edge.

“I think the greens can get a bit tricky out here, so it definitely helps to get used to them a little,” said Szokol.

“You know the breaks, the angles, the approach strokes,” said Altomare.

These Bay Area golfers are especially thrilled when the grandstands roll up, meaning the fans are back.

“They give us so much energy and joy to play and so much excitement, your adrenaline rushes and it’s so much fun,” said Altomare. “We haven’t had fans for a long time, so it’s nice when viewers come back,” said Lincicome.

The tournament runs from 11.-14. November. Tickets and more information can be found at