Thompson test with focus on finals | LPGA

by | Nov 21, 2021 | LPGA

A short-term memory in sports is a must.

After failing a four-way playoff at the Pelican Women’s Championship last week, Lexi Thompson left the past behind and entered the CME Group Tour Championship. The 11-time LPGA Tour Champion carded a par 68 of 4 under on Saturday to reach a total of 12 under and is seventh with 18 holes remaining at the Tiburón Golf Club.

“It was an unfortunate loss, but I got the positive out of it. I think my game is going well, ”said Thompson, who won the 2018 season finale. “I played fantastic golf and did great putts last week. I picked it up this week and kept working hard. If I let in the last week, it will just fall into this week. I didn’t want that because I absolutely love it here [in Naples] and I embrace the moment to be here. “

Regardless of how the last lap went, Thompson will keep the pedal on the metal and avoid looking at the leaderboards. She leaves that duty to Caddy Will Davidson and all of the subtle pointers he gives over time.

“If I’m on the right track and I feel like I’m close, I might let him look at 17 because that could be an eagle birdie opportunity.” [to finish]”Said Thompson. “I’d say it’s more about him knowing where I’m on the leaderboard and saying, ‘Let’s just get this pin or maybe not.’ Kind of code and not so upfront. I don’t play any other way. I play aggressive golf and I don’t change my swing or my schedule.

“I’ll just go out tomorrow and focus on my game and how I played.”