8 tips for beginners for shooting under par

by | Oct 29, 2021 | PGA 2K21

There has been a shortage of golf titles for the past decade. The last Tiger Woods game was released over seven years ago. Rory McIlroy’s PGA game flopped, and neither EA nor 2K have released a golf video game in six years. The Golf Club (TGC) and The Golf Club 2/2019 were the only popular golf titles published since 2015.

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It makes sense that the developers of PGA 2K21 are using the same engine as TGC. The game has proven to be a huge hit, which is great news for golfers. The mechanics, controls, and nuances of the game are almost exactly the same as those of TGC. Those who have not yet played TGC should consider the following basic tips to help them dominate the competition in 2K21.

Swing path and pace are important

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Unlike older golf games, 2K21 uses a swing system that rewards both accuracy and timing. Players should keep the cursor within the white swing path line on the screen to avoid hitting a hook or slice. Moving the stick too quickly forwards or backwards also changes the shot. A good pace requires a slightly slower back swing and controlled movement of the stick forward.

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  • Focus on keeping the stick in a vertical plane

  • Slower backswing and controlled advance

The pinch method

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One way to increase control when moving the right stick is to use a two-finger method. Pinching the stick between your index finger and thumb can help some people control swing travel. It’s not for everyone, but the method can minimize the severity of a miss. Players who are having trouble getting the ball straight should give it a try. Perhaps there is another twist on the technique that works even better, but you won’t know until you try.

Know the green and fairway firmness

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Playing without knowing the firmness of the course is a classic beginner’s mistake. As in real life, solid greens and fairways influence a golfer’s strategy on the course. On soft greens, players can go straight to the hole and the ball sits well. On firmer courses, the ball will roll out if hit with a club that is not a wedge. Fixed fairways have the same effect. The ball will roll out much further, which can increase the likelihood of rolling into a bunker or hazard. In 2K21 there are many demanding routes with very solid ground.

Pay attention to the power indicator

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Club selection is important when hitting from a surface other than the fairway. The first rough cut reduces the distance the ball travels. Sand limits the distance the ball will travel, and strong rough will cause the ball to travel around 50% less than the fairway. The shot projection does not take into account the reduced range when hitting the ball from different surfaces. Players must also be aware of changes in wind and altitude as these alter the ball’s trajectory.

Use different recordings

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Each club has a couple of different shot opportunities. For example, players can hit, pitch, and flop many of the clubs in the game. Strikes are great for recovery shots and advancing the ball when there is an obstacle in the trajectory. Pitch shots are great in strong winds or between clubs. Players can hit flop strokes with wedges to get within 100 yards of the hole. Flop hits are great on low wind courses, but they are harder to hit than a standard hit. It should also be noted that the difficulty of a shot correlates with how long the shot path is in the center of the screen. A small while line means that the swing must be precise for a successful shot.

Why the putting indicator is not reliable

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Players are given a power target when putting, which is designed to represent the perfect amount of power needed to complete a putt. However, this assumes that the player is also aiming for the perfect line. If the line is too wide or too close to the hole, the ball will not go in. This is like putting in real life.

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Users will want to follow this indicator when the putt breaks very little. For difficult putts, it is probably better to read the green and gauge the line. Blindly following the power meter results in a lot of missed putts.

Declare an unplayability

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PGA 2k21 is a fun game, but it is far from bug free. Players can get caught up in impossible scenarios with the ball stuck under a tree, rock, or even the bleachers. In the pause menu there is the option of declaring an unplayable shot and hitting a shot further back in the fairway. Some of the courses have wooded areas that are so dense that no one can hit a swing back into the fairway. Desert dangers are just as tricky, and new players will waste their time suffering many blows trying to get a recovery shot.

Approach shots

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When hitting an approach to the green with an iron or wedge, it is important to read the contours of the green. The white lines indicate which direction the green is sloping and the color indicates how fast the ball is rolling on the runway. Golfers will want an uphill putt (pin up) to convert on the greens. Aiming for the ball to sit in a convenient spot and not roll off the green is a tactic that most new players do not use.

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