July 1, 2022

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The Best Courses in the United States in PGA Tour 2K21 (pga 2k21 courses to play)

The vast quantity of courses available to play in PGA Tour 2K21, especially those built by creative community members, might make it difficult to choose which virtual links to visit next. If you’re looking for something a little different, I’ve lately tried to help you by spotlighting some of the better fantasy courses and mini-putt designs. However, PGA Tour 2K21 has a number of painstakingly replicated real-world courses. As always, you should consult the course list created by the wonderful guys over at TGC Tours, the top online competitive PGA Tour 2K21 website, where they are dedicated to only listing the best courses. With that in mind, I’m compiling my own ranking of the finest US courses in PGA Tour 2K21, which you can find right here.

I’ve tried to get creative in how I schedule different seasons within the society depending on certain themes since running my own online society in PGA Tour 2K21 (shameless plug: join Legacy Leagues Golf if you haven’t already). Aside from the fun of being able to name events according to my own whims, which typically involves naming them after my favorite restaurants or fictional companies from movies and TV shows, this may also lead to some complex planning. I’ve organized everything from excursions to imaginary tropical courses with events named after renowned hip-hop songs to intricate tours of real-life Australian courses carefully ordered from east to west in my years as president of the same society.

For the purposes of this article, I’ve put up a short virtual tour of US courses that you can play if you’re seeking for some of the more realistic depictions of the country’s finest courses. I’ve attempted to be as specific as possible with the spelling of the names so that anyone may locate them when browsing through the thousands of courses that the community has contributed to the game. Some of them include “Lidar” (Light Detection and Ranging) or “L” in their names, which is a technique that uses lasers to better represent the layout of terrains.

Take your suitcase and golf bag, but no tickets are necessary because this Canadian will take you on a road tour across the United States of America!

In PGA Tour 2K21, the Best US Courses

Monterey’s Cypress Point Club

California has been well-represented in the game, due to community designers who worked hard to reproduce the state’s numerous notable courses. Rather than starting our cross-country journey on a difficult course, let’s start at Cypress Point Golf Club, a reasonably short and scenic course that will help us gain confidence right away. Take in some spectacular Pacific vistas, eat some birds, and enjoy a fantastic warm-up for our upcoming US tour.

PGA TOUR 2K21_20220225111002

Springville, UT – Hobble Creek G.C.

One of the best things about community courses is that they don’t always have to be the most well-known to be included in the game. For example, designer Brandon Pugh endeavored to bring this lesser-known Utah course to life for The Golf Club 19 after having played it practically every day as a child. It’s another plain and straightforward layout that should keep your score low, but you can tell that every aspect has been carefully considered.

Mullen, NE – Sand Hills GC Lidar

This simulation of Sand Hill Golf Club, which is consistently recognized as one of the greatest courses in the United States, depicts the course’s minimalist and natural vibe. The major problem here, as the name implies, will be dealing with the bunkers that have been carefully dispersed around the rolling hills. If you’re wondering why there’s no clubhouse or parking lot, you’ll be relieved to learn that the designer considered including these but opted against it because they’re all at least 750 yards away from the main course.

PGA TOUR 2K21_20220225103538

Austin Country Club (L) is located in Austin, Texas.

As someone who has always wanted to visit Austin but has never had the opportunity in real life, I’ll have to make do with the next best alternative of playing its local golf course on PGA Tour 2K21 until I can. Because it’s located on the beaches of Lake Austin, there are some beautiful sights to see as you make your way through the holes, and it’s not the most tough of layouts, you shouldn’t have too many problems. Enjoy yourself and improve your game before we go on to more difficult tasks later in the tour.

Roland, AR – Alotian Club LiDAR (t)

Most people would never have the opportunity to play or even see an upscale, ultra-exclusive course like the Alotian Club in the real world, so it’s tremendously fortunate when someone in the design community takes the initiative to get it added to PGA Tour 2K21. The relatively new course, which was designed by a millionaire investment banker, features some innovation in its elevation changes right off the tee, but it shouldn’t be difficult enough to cause your score to skyrocket.

PGA TOUR 2K21_20220225104146

Louisville, KY – Valhalla Golf Club (L)

This is the type of generically titled course that might make it difficult to select the best one to play, as there are pages of search results when searching for “Valhalla.” Fortunately, there’s a solid rule of thumb to remember when comparing courses with similar branding. The one with the most plays (while still having a high community rating) is usually the one to choose. This is the case with this Jack Nicklaus-designed private course, which will make birdies more difficult to come by thanks to its long par 3s and 4s that don’t give much room for error.

Onaway, Michigan — Black Lake GC

This tour isn’t just about seeing the most exclusive golf clubs, and to demonstrate that, let’s visit this course in Michigan, which is widely considered to be one of the best public courses in the country. With its spacious fairways and few hazards, your main concern here will likely be avoiding a shank on a drive that sends your ball into the trees that normally line the fairways.

PGA TOUR 2K21_20220225111735

Mamaroneck, NY – Winged Foot West (Open)

As we progress through this golf trip, it’s only right that we begin to put our talents to the test that have undoubtedly evolved as a result of playing all of these courses thus far. This New York course, which has hosted the US Open on several occasions (the most recent in 2020), should suit the description because its layout is punishing. Thin fairway strips push you to be precise, and even if you hit the greens on your approaches, you must be cautious of your ball placement on the greens, as several of them have wicked slopes that can give even the best putters issues.

TGC19 Pinehurst No. 2 – Pinehurst, N.C.

Not only are there numerous replicas of this course in the community, but there are also numerous recreations of other courses at Pinehurst, making it much more difficult to locate the one featured here. Look for the “TGC2019” towards the conclusion (along with the vast number of plays) to uncover an attempt that does an excellent job of exposing you to the different ways this course might leave you perplexed. This is especially true in the final stretch, when some longer holes make finding the fairway (or green on long par 3s) critical if you want to stay under par.

Augusta, GA – A Course With No Name

It can be difficult to discover the greatest community recreations of the Augusta National course in Georgia, which hosts The Masters competition every year, because PGA Tour 2K21 went so far as to prohibit any courses containing any terms even remotely linked to the trademarked Augusta National course in Georgia. There’s one called “A Course Has No Name” that poses a formidable enough test to have you striving to remain above par like the pros, but it’s been removed from the search results as well. Your best idea is to discover one of the several TGC Tours societies in the game, look through their schedule to see if they’ve ever played a Masters tournament (typically around the same time of year as the PGA), and then favorite the course after you’ve found it so you can play it later.

The complete list of PGA Tour 2K21 courses as well as the top destinations

For anyone dismayed by the news that EA Sports PGA Tour has been postponed, 39 superb PGA Tour 2K21 courses provide plenty of nine-iron action – especially since PGA Tour 2K21 is now widely accessible at a bargain price. The game combines well-known settings like TPC Sawgrass with some clever fictional ones, although it’s unlikely that you’ll get to play all 39. As a result, GR has compiled a list of the top 10 options available. Do you prefer facts to opinions? Then scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the full list of PGA Tour 2K21 courses.

(Image credit: 2K)

TPC Sawgrass

(Image credit: 2K)


Sawgrass is a very fun 7,285-yard, par-72 course that hosts the Players Championship. It is one of the most well-known PGA Tour 2K21 courses. It’s a lush course that takes you through the countryside and offers a little bit of everything. On the one hand, there are dangers such as water, sand, and pine needles; on the other, there are wide fairways and greens. It also has some of the most beautiful in-between camera pictures of the terrain and the famed clubhouse. The island-green par-3 17th hole is the highlight, and it may make or break your round right at the end.

Riviera Country Club

(Image credit: 2K)

This is a well-known real-life course that has appeared in numerous earlier versions of popular golf games. It’s a beautiful parkland walk that’s not too difficult, so it’s a fantastic confidence booster. Riviera is a 7,325-yard course with a par of 71. The 18th hole is a standout, with a long and straight fairway that funnels you onto a crowded green for the round’s climax.

Pearl Mountain Golf Club

(Image credit: 2K)

This is one of the most scenic PGA Tour 2K21 courses. This fictitious world is set in a beautiful Swiss pine forest-like terrain with mountains and rocky waterfalls that provide spectacular vistas. The greens are fast by default, but there’s plenty of interest to keep you interested as you make your way around the 6,924-yard par 72 course. The par-4 16th, which plays over a rushing and rocky stream, is a special highlight.

TPC Scottsdale

(Image credit: 2K)

TPC Scottsdale is home to the cleverly named Waste Management Phoenix Open, another well-known real-world course. Most of the holes on the course include a hazard that follows you around, offering a persistent threat. The most famous hole is the 16th, a par-3 entirely surrounded by spectator stands and crowds that, despite being only 160 yards long, may make or break the round due to the presence of desert waste bunkers and four green-side bunkers. You must be precise in this situation.

Emerald Lake Golf Club

(Image credit: 2K)

Emerald Lake GC’s autumnal-looking fictitious countryside is a joy to play through. It’s like whacking your way through a gigantic Japanese garden, with the enormous Emerald Lake in the background and the occasional windmill and waterfall in the foreground. It’s not the shortest, but it’s certainly one of the prettiest, at 7,325 yards and a par of 73. The par-5 10th hole is one to love here, as it is a challenging, hazard-filled dog-leg that skirts the lake’s coast, but one that is incredibly rewarding to properly navigate.

The House on the Cliff

(Image credit: 2K)

This is on a cliff-side shore landscape, as the name suggests, and is a visual pleasure. As you play the 7,046-yard par-72 course, you’ll be surrounded by pine trees. The fairways are fair yet challenging, and you’ll want to avoid the rough at all costs. This imaginary course starts off with a bang, a stunning but dangerous 570-yard par-5 that doglegs to the right, with fairway bunkers, deep rough, and a two-part fairway thrown into the mix as you approach the pin downhill.

TPC Twin Cities

(Image credit: 2K)

This is a real-world Arnold Palmer course, and it’s a sight to behold in its PGA Tour 2K21 version, which features a 7,424-yard par-72 parkland countryside layout. It’s lovely, but it’s also dangerous, with numerous hazards close to target landing locations that may easily derail your game. The 2nd and 3rd holes, which run across and alongside the waterways, are fantastic and strike a good mix between beauty and risk in superb golf holes.

Copper Dunes

(Image credit: 2K)

This is a very beautiful imaginary course that appears like it belongs in a Western American terrain. Set in the woods, the course features huge pine trees underplanted with mountainous vegetation that border the path of each hole, giving it an authentic landscape sense, as well as a massive waste bunker that runs the length of the course. The first hole really sets the tone: the panoramas, landscape elements, weaving fairways, and several hazards combine for an excellent start. The 10th tee, on the other hand, offers a picture-perfect landscape perspective.

The Links At Royal Atlantic

(Image credit: 2K)

This is a fantastic fictional course with a definite homage to British links courses, capturing the spirit of such courses with hole after hole of wonderful British-style coastal golf. You’ll be playing right alongside the coast, with deep bunkers and enough of dense Gorse planting to cause challenges along the way. The course’s opening hole, up the coast, is a magnificent start, with wildly up-and-down fairways and a green-side lighthouse, while the super-wide 18th hole, which plays to an isolated shore-side green, is similarly memorable.

The Jumeriah Club

(Image credit: 2K)

This is a desert course, similar to ones seen in Dubai. It performs an excellent job of reproducing the experience over its 7,377 yards, resulting in an appealing par-72 challenge. Palm trees, desert sand waste bunkers, and long serpentine bunkers abound on the course, which, despite its location in the desert, appears lush and green, with a Dubai-like cityscape completing the picture on nearly every hole. A highlight is the par-3 2nd hole, which plays over water and tropical vegetation, between tall palm trees, and toward the cityscape.

Complete PGA Tour 2K21 course list


Official real-world PGA Tour 2K21 courses

  • Atlantic Beach CC
  • Copperhead Course
  • East Lake Golf Club
  • Quail Hollow Club
  • Riviera Country Club
  • TPC Boston
  • TPC Deere Run
  • TPC Louisiana
  • TPC River Highlands
  • TPC San Antonio
  • TPC Sawgrass
  • TPC Scottsdale
  • TPC Southwind
  • TPC Summerlin
  • TPC Twin Cities

Official fictional PGA Tour 2K21 courses

  • Caramel Creek
  • Cloudcrest Country Club
  • The Club at Ravenswood
  • Conservatory Club
  • Copper Dunes
  • Craigendoran Links
  • Emerald Lake GC
  • Faxon Park Golf Club
  • Hickory Creek GC
  • Hoophole River Club
  • The House on The Cliff
  • The Jumeriah Club
  • Katagawa Country Club
  • The Links at Royal Atlantic
  • Monte Cervino
  • McCory Shores Golf Club
  • Ocean of Memories
  • Pearl Mountain Golf Course
  • Quincy Downs Country Club
  • Royal Ethalwind
  • Tarwa Golf Club
  • Timber Knoll
  • Vaquero Valley Golf Course
  • Victory Village

some additional course to play: roundabout golf club, copperhead canyon, pebble beach

Now that you have looked at the Best Courses, check out these fun pga 2k21 courses created by users.

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