Hardest Courses On PGA2k21 To Test Your Skill

by | Mar 3, 2022 | PGA 2K21

Because PGA2K21 uses the same engine as The Golf Club, all players can use the same course designer as most golf games. Even in pro level, nearly all of the official PGA 2K courses in the game are some of the easiest courses even if one of the toughest course. Gamers looking for a true challenge can locate user-created maps that are significantly more difficult and some of the hardest courses in the game.

There are a few things to consider when determining the skill level required to play a course. Longer clubs have their own set of problems, forcing players to use hybrids and woods on more shots. The firmness of the fairways and greens can also play a difference. Finally, the speed and curve of the greens will determine how low players can go in a round. This article will discuss different maps that are available to PGA Tour 2K21 players that are sick of the official maps.

There are some pretty difficult course designs scattered throughout PGA2K21 but we are wanting the hardest courses. Here’s a look at some of the hardest custom courses to test your skills on, ranked.

15 Little Cliff Mountain

On this course, neither the mountains nor the cliffs are insignificant. Golfers will face moderate gusts while playing shots with elevation changes of 100 meters or more, which can be extremely frustrating to account for. Thankfully, the winds are set to default, so keeping aim on target will only require a few yards of adjustment.

There are a lot of high-risk plays in Little Cliff Mountain that might lead to a low score. Hitting the ball in the wrong position, on the other hand, will result in an out of bounds ball or an unplayable. Unlike many of the novelty courses, this one is fun to play and isn’t too crazy for average players.

14 A Tradition Like No Other

This player-designed course contains about 7,500 yards of challenging holes. The greens are an 8.5 and have a lot of speed. This course isn’t the most difficult, but it’s well-designed and includes a variety of characteristics that make shooting low difficult.
Almost every hole has a tiny fairway and a tight pin location. Because of the huge slopes around and around the greens, putting on this course requires significantly more skill. If you make a slight mishit, the ball will roll for a long time.

13 Evangelist Golf Club

On this course, gamers will be hoping for a few pars. At 7.9, the greens are lightning fast and as firm as they can be. Evangelist is more over 7,000 yards from the black tees, despite being a par 70 course.
Sand traps abound, especially around the greens and landing zones of the fairways. A hook or slice will land in the sand or the water on every hole. The course layout is simple, but difficult enough that a perfect round is unlikely.

12 Water Logged CC

Nothing is more aggravating in golf than striking into a water hazard. Fairway contains 10 times the amount of water as Water Logged. Playing the course is similar to hitting golf balls between offshore oil drilling platforms. Because the greens are so small, hitting a few balls out of bounds is unavoidable.

Even those who manage to keep their shots on the narrow island greens will be faced with downhill putts that are nearly hard to make. If somebody can birdie the first hole, it will be the greatest moment in gaming history. As the round progresses, the course seems to become worse.

11 Rooftop Bangers

On this map, there are no fairways. Every tee box is elevated on top of a skyscraper, and players must clear the space between each one to go to the next. There are many hard ranges and elevation variations in the imaginary metropolis. Some of the gaps are enormous and require a flawless stroke to reach.
Only the most skilled players will be able to complete the course with a high score. The secret to hitting every rooftop green is choosing the right club.

10 Tropic Doge Open

This course contains everything that may make a gamer angry. It has 300+ foot elevation fluctuations, water, and those pesky physics-defying rocks. The Tropic Doge greens are actually quite simple, but getting there can be a challenge. When the hole is at a lower elevation, club down at least twice for every 100 yards.
Players should be aware that sand and rough will limit the distances that a club may travel. Pitches are good downhill alternatives because they reduce the amount of time the ball spends in the air, limiting the additional distance the ball travels.

9 Quincy Downs Country Club

Quincy Downs is a conventional course that offers golfers a variety of thrilling circumstances. At more than 7,000 yards, it is a fairly long par 70 course. It is one of the most difficult PGA 2K21 courses in the game due to the length of the holes and the firmness of the greens.
In general, it’s a fun course to play, but it’s also a tough competitor’s course. Although the greens are slow, the course hazards will add a few strokes to your total.

8 Pinehurst No. 2 TGC19

Pinehurst No. 2 simulates the genuine course and puts players’ course management skills to the test. The course is 7,500 yards long, featuring firm fairways and greens. The green speed is also fairly rapid. Pinehurst is noted for its meticulously built sand bunkers strategically positioned across the course.
Even when they hit excellent shots, gamers will frequently feel like they are in between clubs. Pinehurst is not only a delightful course to play, but it is also one of the best places to test a golfer’s ability.

7 Sky Peaks

With five stars and thousands of reviews, Sky Peaks is one of the most highly rated courses in PGA 2K. The course is beautifully designed and features stunning images. This course is quite short in comparison to the majority of the hard courses on PGA2K21.
Accuracy and caution, on the other hand, are critical. The rough is difficult to hit out of, while the fairways and greens are tough and punishing. Every green has its own set of features that punish even minor misses. Furthermore, the wind will always be blowing at least 12 miles per hour. Even seasoned players will have at least one blow-up hole on pro difficulty.

6 Methro’s Wet ‘N Wild Park

This ludicrous user-created map is a complete farce. A professional 2k player should be able to shoot par on this course. This course will test everyone, from massive ships in the fairway to impossible greens. It’s a fun course to play with friends and spice up the gameplay, but not for setting course records.
The putt-putt divot greens appear to be incredibly simple in theory. The ball will roll out to the other end of the green without getting in during practice. On this course, you’ll have a hard time finishing a round.

5 Pebble Beach

This course was constructed with all of the wonderful characteristics of the real-life course in mind. Apart from the apparent water danger, this recreated course contains nearly all of the genuine course’s sand traps. Even the rough appears to be realistic.
It will be difficult to get the ball close on the hard fairways and greens. Pebble Beach, like any other competition course, has extremely fast greens. Any errors here will be penalized on the scorecard.

4 Copperhead Canyon – Copperhead Course

Copperhead Canyon is the younger sibling of TGC’s Coyote Canyon. It’s a desert course with catastrophic rough, as one could expect. To make matters worse, there is also a lot of sand in the fairways.
This course, like Pebble, is firm and fast, with little to no room for error. When feasible, players should layup and be cautious on the greens. When the greens are as quick as they are at Copperhead Canyon, less is more.

3 Roundabout Golf Club

Firmness and speed will not be an issue on this Boreal-themed course. The tiny fairways and water hazards scattered across the course will be a challenge. Roundabout Golf Club puts the golfer’s accuracy to the test on both the long and short game.
As long as golfers keep their drives on the fairway, converting on the green will be a breeze. When the driver isn’t needed, consider clubbing down to reduce errors and lower your score.

2 Oakmont CC (Tournament)

The ultimate tournament course is Oakmont CC. It features an entirely open design. While there are a few creeks to contend with, the rough and sandtraps will be the key threats on this map. In addition, the ground will be exceedingly firm, and the greens will be extremely fast. Sandtraps are always in the most inconvenient places on each hole.

To have a chance, players will need to shape their strokes and read the greens on approach shots. This course is a tried-and-true measure of skill and poise.

1 Betfred BM At The Belfry

Many golfers may remember this course from previous Ryder Cup matches. It’s a beautiful and historic course that’s hosted some of the most memorable Ryder Cup matches in history.
This iconic PGA 2K21 course looks and plays precisely like it does in real life. The course’s elevation, compact greens, and curves make it particularly difficult to master, while sandtraps and water lurk at every corner. Newcomers to the course should study the layout because there are hidden risks everywhere. Anyone who can shoot a low score on this course is considered a top rank PGA 2K golfer.


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