Image via 2K Gaming

Many golfers know that Tiger Woods PGA Tour has been out of video games for almost eight years. Fans were thrilled when 2K announced that Tiger Woods, the 15-time major champion, would be returning to the video games. Many are left wondering if Tiger Woods, the game’s most famous star, is actually in PGA 2K21.

Is Tiger Woods in PGA 2K21?

The short answer to your question is no, Tiger Woods isn’t in PGA 2K21. Golf fans will be disappointed to learn that Tiger Woods is not allowed to play in PGA 2K21 as he is not listed as a licensed player with the current version of PGA 2K.

Many people are confused as 2K Sports announced in March 2021 that they had signed a long-term partnership with Tiger. Problem is, the official partnership between Tiger and 2K was not announced until after the creation of PGA 2K21. Fans will have to wait for Tiger to return to action.

It’s a long-term agreement in which Tiger will directly participate in the development of any future 2K games. 2K retains the exclusive rights to Tiger’s name, likeness and image for many years to come. However, Woods will be serving as the Executive Director and consultant to all future 2K installments.

Since the 2013 release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour, video games have attempted to compensate for the loss. With so many games being released over the years, it was only natural that a major gaming company would partner with Tiger Woods.