July 1, 2022

2K has just released another update to PGA 2K21. This update adds tons of new features and game modes. The PGA franchise made a number of changes to improve its reputation after a long slump. This game is now one of the most popular in the series.

Fans have plenty to look forward too, with the new update including a multiplayer mode and new cosmetics. This update fixes a few bugs and makes some quality improvements to the game. These are the patch notes.

[embedded content]


  • One-on-one High Roller matches are your chance to go big or go home.
  • Swing fast in a Randomized Quick Play Match.

Bug Fixed

  • Numerous crashing issues were fixed.
  • Problems with framerate drops and stuttering were addressed.
  • Modifications to game modes added.
  • Performance and stability enhancements.
  • Other minor adjustments.

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