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by | Nov 3, 2021 | PGA 2K21

One of the great things about the new PGA Tour 2K21 golf game is the ability to design your own courses. In addition, it is possible to play courses designed by other golf enthusiasts, which opens the door to a lot of creative possibilities. There is even a chance to play mini golf on one of the PGA Tour 2K21 courses. Here’s how to access and use the course in-game.

How to Play Mini Golf on PGA Tour 2K21 courses

With various PGA Tour 2K21 teasers ahead of the release date, we took a look at the courses available in the real world. However, the course designer adds another element to the game and allows for more creative options including, yes, mini golf!

While there are plenty of PGA Tour 2K21 courses to choose from, many fans will want to get away with a fun round or two of mini golf. Just like real mini golf, a player has developed a similar 2K21 experience. It’s a hidden gem in the game, among other great courses.

The mini golf course is called Shipwrecked. It’s a beautiful course with lighthouses, waterfalls, covered bridges and other great scenery. Along the way, some of these landscapes become course obstacles or headaches (watch out for large rocks).

To get to the mini golf course in PGA Tour 2K21:

  • Start a local game from the main menu to play a game with friends or ghosts.
  • Select Change Course on the first screen to choose a different course.
  • On the next screen, under Quick Filters, scroll to Search.
  • Look for “shipwreck”.
  • Choose the “Shipwrecked Mini Golf!” Opportunity.
  • Select “New Round” and “Start Round” to start playing.

Among many creative designs, of course

The mini golf course is one of the many PGA 2K21 courses created by Arctic Fury and Victory Lane Sports. This particular course was a collaboration between the two designers and was very popular.

Both designers are active on Twitter and often show off their other innovative courses that they bring to the game.

Follow ArcticFury on Twitter here.

Follow Victory Lane Sports here.

A number of YouTubers have also tried their hand at their Shipwrecked course. Check out the overview video below to see what the PGA Tour 2K21 Shipwrecked Mini Golf is all about. This should provide helpful tips on overcoming some obstacles.

Have you tried Shipwrecked Mini Golf in PGA Tour 2K21? If so, how have you fared?

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