Will PGA 2K21 be cross-platform?

by | Nov 12, 2021 | PGA 2K21

PGA 2K21 won’t be cross-platform, but you can share your courses. / Photo by HB Studios

Will PGA 2K21 be cross-platform? The latest version of the golf simulator franchise will be available on many platforms, but the game’s multiplayer won’t be cross-platform.

Play against real @PGATOUR professionals on Real Deal courses. Swing with swag and get your victory dance ready … # PGATOUR2K21 is coming August 21st! Golf Got Game? pic.twitter.com/TOhrdyaYOb

– PGA TOUR 2K (@ PGATOUR2K) May 14, 2020

Developer HB Studios visited Reddit to answer some questions about the game. When asked about cross-platform gaming, HB Studios said: “[t]There will be no cross-play here, but courses designed by our community can be shared across all platforms. “

The course designers are always a big draw for golf games. You can even play and refine courses created in The Golf Club 2019. “Users can import their courses from The Golf Club 2019 and edit them using the new tools and assets available before they are published to PGA TOUR 2K21.” HB Studios said.

Courses can be shared, but oddly enough, a key feature for doing this won’t be available to gamers on Nintendo Switch. The official website contains a disclaimer that the course designer will not be on the Switch. The Switch version will continue to sell for the same price as the others, but a large part of the game will be missing.

PGA 2K21 will be available on August 21 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.