WWE Superstar The Miz is ready to challenge PGA 2K21 cover athlete Justin Thomas

by | Mar 7, 2022 | PGA 2K21

2010 WWE Champion The Miz wants to take on PGA Tour 2K21 cover star Justin Thomas. In an interview with Game Rant, Miz explained how he could beat Justin Thomas in a round of golf, but Justin Thomas doesn’t believe it.

2K Sports and The Miz have teamed up to promote PGA TOUR 2K21as The Miz, the playable character in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, has always been a huge golf fan. He was excited to talk about PGA TOUR 2K21, but was equally interested in working with cover athlete Justin Thomas.


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Justin Thomas just clinched his thirteenth PGA Tour win, but that doesn’t mean The Miz, himself an accomplished athlete, doesn’t think he could take him to a round of golf. While working with Justin Thomas on the promotion of PGA TOUR 2K21, Miz told Justin, “If you give me 30 shots, I have no doubt I could beat you,” and Justin’s response was simply, “No, you can not”.

Justin Thomas challenge

The Miz doubled his challenge, asking the world’s best golfer, “Justin, you tell me, 18 holes of golf, if you give me 30 shots, 30!, could you beat me?” And the icy golfer was quick to tell Miz that he would just crush him. Justin Thomas is known as one of the nicer players on the PGA Tour and The Miz agrees, saying Thomas is “the nicest guy in the world”. However, as soon as a challenge was made, his competitive fire got through and Miz says:

“That’s why he’s the number one golfer in the world.

Before the challenge was started by Miz, he actually asked Justin Thomas for swing advice via Zoom. Thomas took the time to watch Miz swing and gave him some helpful golf tips. Miz must have felt confident in his newly honed swing when he set the challenge that transformed Thomas from a “nice guy” helping a fellow athlete with golf tips at a meeting to a confident competitor in the blink of an eye.

This isn’t the first time The Miz has competed against other athletes in off-the-wall competitions. Miz told Game Rant that he once played a hole with two-handed golf during a pro-am against Gronk, the NFL superstar. But the fun doesn’t stop there, as Miz eventually decides to take on Gronk in the wrestling ring.

with justin thomas

The Miz and Justin Thomas now have a friendly bet going as Thomas has told Miz that he is ready to play anytime, anywhere. In the words of Miz, “2K, you need to set this up.” Not only is Miz ready to take on Justin Thomas, but he’s also telling 2K it needs to put the competition together. The two could play a few rounds within PGA TOUR 2K21 thanks to the solid multiplayer features, but both would probably be more interested in a real round of golf.

In our chat, The Miz specifically asked us, “Do you think I could beat the best golfer in the world if you gave me 30 shots?” Partially asking rhetorically, Miz quickly agreed, saying as soon as we responded that he was the winner should, given that he’s been playing the sport since his fifth graders, and said:

“Correct? you would choose me You would choose me! This is not a full weekend, this is 18 holes of golf. 30 strokes.”

Still, Miz claims that Thomas had all the confidence in the world that he didn’t hesitate or think about it, which shows athlete confidence.

PGA Tour 2K21 is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch and Xbox One.

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