AGIC supports recycling program for golf balls | PGA of Australia

  AGIC supports recycling program for golf balls |  PGA of Australia

The project will recycle used golf balls for a variety of uses, including furniture, drainage systems, paths, streets and sculptures.

John Harrington, General Manager of Professional Golf Equipment, initiated the project in 2017 when he reached out to the PGA of Australia and Golf Australia for assistance.

Harrington, a long-time staple in the industry who previously made clubs for the late and great Peter Thomson, set up Golf Ball Recycling Pty Ltd (GBR) with the aim of reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

He saw a way to prevent old golf balls from ending up in landfills, lakes, waterways, oceans, and other pristine areas.

In 2020, RMIT University sampled granulated golf balls for use in concrete mixes. In 2021, another company, Architectural Water Solutions Pty Ltd, turned to GBR to use golf balls for drainage units. This meeting expanded the range of services offered by GBR to include a planning arm for waste management.

GBR uses golf balls in outdoor furniture, safety bollards, pavement and pavement, soft fall surfaces, drainage layers for sewage systems, and golf course drainage, to name a few applications.

AGIC chairman Gavin Kirkman said the council welcomed the initiative. AGIC encourages golf clubs and institutions to continue to use the innovative program in the future.

“Our sport is still aware of its responsibility to protect the environment,” he said.

“Any idea or program that brings our industry into a more sustainable future and takes up the fight against landfill needs to be supported. We are happy to give our weight to what John and GBR are doing. “

GBR’s John Harrington said, “We’re excited to keep finding new ways to recycle discarded golf balls. With the support of the Australian Golf Industry Council, Golf Australia and the Professional Golfers Association of Australia, GBR can work with the industry to provide golf courses and driving ranges with waste disposal solutions for recycling golf balls. “

GBR can be reached at 1300 427 329.

More information on the GBR website:



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