Bryson DeChambeau is chasing more speed after being eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Long Drive World Championships

by | Oct 2, 2021 | PGA

On Friday, it looked like he would be knocked out in the round of 16 before firing a 394-yard monster shot to win his fifth and final set – enough to get him into the final eight on the bubble. His best drive of the day came in the first set of the round of 16 when he hit the top at 406 yards and recorded an incredible ball speed of 119 mph.

“I was very excited to be in the last eight. I would never have expected that in my first competition. I think I’ve shown the world that I can perform at these high speeds and still play golf on the PGA TOUR, ”said DeChambeau.

“It’s crazy. 220 is the next barrier. I’m going to take a little break, I need to rest my body because I shot incredibly, but it was the best speed training I’ve ever had and competing against these guys was the best Motivation I’ve had. I’ll improve my strength and my body. I’m nowhere near as tall as these guys, and I have to get up there. “

DeChambeau’s confidence reached a fever later that afternoon as he envisioned bringing his game to steady speeds on the PGA TOUR breaking the 200 mph ball speed limit. His accuracy in the long drive competition only fueled that desire and he confirmed that his goal was “over 200 ball speed every time I serve it”.

He was second on the TOUR last season with an average ball speed of 190.72 mph, just behind Cameron Champ (190.94), but DeChambeau’s top mark was 199.55 mph, ahead of Champs 198.25.

DeChambeau also led the TOUR in driving distance in 2020 (322.1) and 2021 (323.7) and will aim for further improvement in 2022.

“Getting up to 219 ball speed out here was a dream. I never thought I would reach this speed – I broke the barrier at five kilometers per hour faster than ever before in my entire life, ”beamed DeChambeau.