‘Disco’ Dick Zokol shares how music saved his PGA tour career

'Disco' Dick Zokol shares how music saved his PGA tour career

In this new episode, Dick Zokol, nicknamed “Disco Dick” after appearing on a 1982 PGA Tour with a Sony Walkman, joins the show to share how listening to music is on course to keep his hyperactive mind reassure yourself the knowledge was that led to the development of MindTRAK Golf. The two-time tour winner goes deep into how music helped him relax on the pitch. Here is an example:

“My first year on the PGA Tour, like most rookies, I felt really uncomfortable. I thought, ‘Oh my god, I have my PGA Tour card, but what should I do now? I belong to Jack Nicklaus and Freddie Couples, Arnold Palmer and Lee Trevino.

“I couldn’t cut for six months and I’m getting ready. I knew I was playing well, but my hyperactive mind was causing so much fear. I was listening to music to calm myself down with a Sony Walkman so I thought ‘ Why don’t I listen to it on the golf course? ‘ what I thought was dangerous.

“The next week was Milwaukee, so I put the Walkman in my pocket and played with Larry Rinker. A hundred yards from the clubhouse, I put the headphones on and Larry yelled, ‘Look at Disco Dick!’ Well, I’ve got rock and roll going and I’m 7 under par on the 18th fairway and I’m so comfortable. I’m in my little world and I’m listening to music and it’s effortless. I led the tournament from the first round to the last hole on Sunday. It was a monumental discovery to find out what music has done to me. “

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