Hard work and fun should go hand in hand

by | Oct 30, 2021 | PGA

You cannot avoid the fact that you have to work hard to get better or more competent at something. Often times, the very idea of ​​“hard work” becomes an immediate obstacle … especially for young people. While the terms “hard work” and “fun” don’t usually go hand in hand for most, that combination inevitably tends to become some kind of secret sauce to help young golfers reach the next level.

Having fun and enjoying the experience is crucial for young golfers to get better. It is understandable that some may not understand the concept, especially if they want to excel at a high level and compete successfully. Society as a whole often paints the picture that hard work is grueling and exhausting, and that is exactly what you should feel in order for hard work to produce results; drained and exhausted after a workout or workout session. The fact is, that doesn’t have to be the case, especially not in golf.

Your son or daughter stumbles upon golf and begins to really enjoy it. They choose the sport of their choice. Both you and your child know that getting better requires practice and maybe even considering working with a PGA coach. You both are excited to learn more about the game and get better, and eventually, paying attention to the competition.

In this scenario, why would you ever want to annoy this process of improvement by applying unnecessary pressure when skills are improving and promising results are shown? Most would say this is silly, but I see it all the time. The joy and initial love of the game are lost when success is achieved. For some, the introduction of hard work soaks up all the fun … and in reality, the fun factor is what is most in demand.

Making practicing for fun is pretty easy for your young golfer. If they turn parts of their workouts into games where they challenge themselves, then this is a possibility. Getting them to do the same with golf buddies takes that to a whole different level. Playing the course as often as possible, especially with your friends, is one of the best ways to have fun, but also to improve yourself and improve your skills.

Combining the suggestions above along with a good PGA coach at the helm to guide you and your child will keep things on track and keep the love of the game center stage.