PGA National Resort and Spa, Florida, Opens New Basic Short Course

PGA National Resort and Spa, Florida, Opens New Basic Short Course

The 9th hole on the Staple Course at the PGA National Resort and Spa.

Short golf courses that don’t allow for intimidating, faster rounds of golf have become a sought-after commodity in recent years, led by facilities at some of the most famous golf courses in the country. Augusta National built its par-3 course, which hosts the annual par-3 competition more than 60 years ago (at least in years when there was no pandemic). Pine Valley, Bandon Dunes, Big Cedar Lodge, and others have followed suit, some even having catchy nicknames like The Cradle at Pinehurst, The Bad Little 9 in Scottsdale, Arizona, The Gimme at The Concession Club in Bradenton, Florida, and The Hay on Pebble Beach.

This week, the newest, the Staple Course, will be unveiled at the PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Designed by Andy Staples, the 9-hole par-3 course has holes ranging from 48 to 130 inch yards in length and was built on the former 1st and 18th holes on the property’s Squire course. The layout, built in a figure-of-eight configuration, has intersection holes at numbers 2-3 and 7-8 to allow more connection with other golfers, including seating areas with fire pits and cafe and bar areas.

“Our goal for the Staple Course was to combine classic attributes of golf course architecture with a contemporary, reinterpreted approach by emphasizing playability, a faster pace of play and simply creating an enjoyable golfing experience for everyone,” said Staples. “We believe that guests will love the Staple Course so much that they will want to play it multiple times on the same day.”

Staples’ new 18-hole Match Course is slated to open later this summer as part of a $ 100 million capital revitalization of the property at PGA National.


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