PGA of America offers opportunities to involve vendors in the 2022 championships

by | Oct 12, 2021 | PGA

The PGA of America encourages various and local suppliers to provide procurement in support of the following PGA of America events:

Minority, Women, LGBT, Disabled, Veterans, Service Disabled Veterans, and local businesses are invited to participate in the PGA VendorMatch. Companies can register on until November 9, 2021 to have potential conversations with larger, more direct PGA vendors (known as prime or tier 1 vendors) for opportunities during one of the three championships.

Golf is a $ 84 billion industry, and events like this generate significant entertainment and tourism revenues for the host cities and the surrounding areas. Accordingly, the PGA is committed to building a supply chain that is representative of the people of America.

“We are excited to promote local entrepreneurship through PGA VendorMatch,” said Sandy Cross, chief people officer of PGA of America. “PGA VendorMatch enhances our ability to deliver a great experience through our championship operations. We look forward to expanding this exciting initiative to include vendors in support of our major championships in 2022 while positively impacting the local economies in Oklahoma, Michigan and Maryland. “

Companies interested in registration should visit A variety of services are required, such as B. Catering, Temporary Housing, Flowers and Labor. A full list of needs is provided on the website.

All registrations must be received by November 9, 2021 in order to be considered.