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by | Oct 25, 2022 | PGA

Sienna Voglis (Club Barham Golf and Sports), Jennifer Schulenburg (Long Reef Golf Club), and Elissa Lal (Rossdale Golf Club) have each received funding, which will allow them to complete a Diploma of their choice with the PGA Institute.

The scholarship, which was launched in 2021, is proudly supported by PGA of Australia partners; ISPS Handa, Acushnet, TaylorMade and Callaway, who are each equally committed to removing barriers and ensuring that more women are able to thrive in the golf industry.

PGA of Australia CEO Gavin Kirkman believes that the scholarship will help ensure that women play a driving role in golf in the years to come.

“The scholarship is designed to help elevate our current female PGA members into leadership roles within Golf,” Kirkman said. “A career in golf is for anyone, no matter gender or background and we are proud to help foster that.”

To learn more about the career opportunities that exist in golf, you can visit the PGA Golf Learning Hub Open Day – Featuring the Women in Golf Careers Showcase – on Saturday 19 November. For more information and to tee up your career in golf, click HERE

For Sienna Voglis – Club Manager at Barham Golf and Sports – the scholarship will allow her to complete an Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management with the PGA Institute, an opportunity that she knows will be hugely beneficial.

“I’ve currently got about 25 staff working under me,” she explained. “So it’s important that I can make sure my leadership skills are as strong as possible and the Diploma will certainly help that.

“My role now is so diverse, so for me it’s all about being open-minded and I want to make sure I can help members and visitors get the best experience possible.”

More broadly, Sienna appreciates the chance to continue her development as a PGA Professional and urges others who have the chance to do the same.

“I think continued education is essential,” said Sienna who has spent time as a PGA Professional in both Victoria and New South Wales. “The industry is always evolving and we are running facilities that require us to cover a lot of bases.”

A sentiment shared by Jennifer Schulenburg (pictured), who will be pursuing a Diploma of Golf Management through the PGA Institute, the chance to upskill has come at the perfect time.

Having started as the Golf and Corporate Manager at Long Reef Golf Club six months ago, Jennifer is settling into her first management role after spending an extended period as a teaching professional. Enjoying the challenge, she believes that completing the Diploma of Golf Management will give her the skills to thrive.

“It’s been a really good chance for me to shift the direction of my career a little bit,” Jennifer explained. “Now I certainly have the scope for growth and change which is exciting.

“My new role certainly keeps me busy and I absolutely love it. It has ignited a passion to continue down the management path and now it will be fantastic to have the qualifications to back that up.”

Inspired by a sense of possibility, Jennifer is hopeful that through the scholarship, she will be able to advance her career further as well.

“Golf is thriving and the management landscape is changing,” she said. “But I would hope that having a qualification and some further experience would help to open up some doors to work in General Management one day.”

Although she has spent an extended period as a coach at Rossdale Golf Club in Victoria, Elissa Lal is enjoying the chance to explore the management side of the industry and is confident that through the scholarship, she will be able to upskill to a point where General Management could also be a possibility.

Currently splitting her time between coaching and the Pro Shop – where she assists with the day-to-day operations of the Club – Elissa will complete a Diploma of Golf Management while on upcoming maternity leave.

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity,” she said. “To be able to upskill while I am away from work and then hopefully be able to offer even more upon my return.”

An impressive effort to balance an increasingly busy schedule, Elissa believes that she has a unique opportunity to inspire other women and girls.

“I want to be able to show younger people that you can play, work in golf and be a parent,” explained Elissa. “You can do it all in golf.”

Directly beneficial to the individual, the scholarship will have a ripple effect throughout the industry, inspiring the next generation of women and girls. Something that Sienna Voglis is particularly cognisant of, she appreciates the responsibility that comes with being a scholarship recipient.

“We’ve got a huge opportunity to show female golfers around the country that there are so many career opportunities in golf,” she explained. “It’s not just coaching or working in the shop, but we can be leaders in management and that is very exciting.”

For more information on the PGA Institute and the courses that Sienna, Jennifer and Elissa will be completing, click HERE

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