PGA Tour is keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Henri as the Northern Trust ends

by | Aug 20, 2021 | PGA

JERSEY CITY, NJ – Tropical Storm Henri could have an impact on the Northern Trust golf tournament and the PGA Tour will decide on Saturday whether to postpone the finals to Monday based on the weather forecast.

The weather is not expected to affect Saturday’s third round at Liberty National, so players will leave the first tee in twos.

“We will evaluate Henri’s lead later in the day [Saturday] and expect to release the final tournament schedule and schedule by late afternoon, ” the PGA Tour said in a statement. “Henri will not currently predict any impact on the forecast for Monday. Depending on the storm forecast, it is possible that the finals will be postponed to Monday.”

The PGA Tour bylaws stipulate that every effort should be made to play 72 holes, so the event is unlikely to be cut short unless the weather is bad enough to continue beyond Tuesday.

Next week’s event, the BMW Championship outside of Baltimore, is about 200 miles away.