PGA Tour star Bryson DeChambeau makes the final 32 at the World Endurance Championships

by | Sep 30, 2021 | PGA

Bryson DeChambeau advanced to the next round of the Professional Long Drivers of America World Championships after finishing second in his group on Wednesday in Mesquite, Nevada.

DeChambeau moved on for the second straight day, with the field climbing from 64 to 32 on Wednesday.

sentence Yds
1 344 336 327 343 351 335
2 IF 354 IF 348 354 355
3 337 IF 343 351 340 IF
4th 347 343 340 341 IF IF
5 314 328 316 318 IF IF

The format sees each golfer hitting six golf balls in one set against three other competitors and is given a score of 200, 100, 50 or 25, depending on how far he is compared to the others.

DeChambeau finished first in three of his five sets with the longest drives and second in the other two. He was only 75 points behind the group winner, Martin Brogmeier, but in the last set he was Brogmeier’s best in the yardage.

The distance on DeChambeau’s Drives was shorter than Tuesday when he smashed a 412 yarder and four other drives in the 400 range. The golfers benefited from a tailwind on Tuesday, but had a headwind on Wednesday.

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DeChambeau finished the second round with a long drive of 355 yards; the longest for any competitor in the group was 367 hits from Scottie Pearman.

The field on Thursday consists of two groups of 16, in each of which the best eight advance to the final round.

DeChambeau has yet to compete with Long rider Kyle Berkshire, who has also been promoted.

The groups for Thursday have not yet been announced.