PGA Tour Votes Prohibition of Note-Reading by Greens | Field level

  PGA Tour Votes Prohibition of Note-Reading by Greens |  Field level

Reading greens on the PGA Tour could become more difficult as a vote is planned that could ban notebooks providing players with pitch and putting speed indications.

According to Golfweek, the PGA Tour board will vote on the fate of Greens Books after the Player Advisory Council had its own vote and decided to abolish it.

Several problems have emerged with the books that have become de facto cheat sheets for putting strategies. There is a desire to read greens in order to return to the art form it was before notebooks became ubiquitous in the back pockets of players and the front pockets of caddies.

It has also been criticized that the habit of checking Greens Books has slowed the pace of the game.

The Masters tournament has already banned the books, and the rest of the PGA Tour schedule could follow the traditional first major of the year.

“I use a green paper and I would like to get rid of it,” said Rory McIlroy, chairman of the players’ committee. “I think everyone is in the same boat, most guys on tour are in the same boat. If it is available to us and it helps us, people will use it. But I think, for the sake of the game, I want them banned and no longer used. “

The USGA restricted the Greens Books in early 2019, but not completely banned it. The USGA is hosting the US Open this week at the Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego.


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