PGA Tour’s Grayson Murray Injured In Horrific Scooter Accident, Needed 50 Stitches

by | Oct 27, 2022 | PGA

Pro golfer Grayson Murray was involved in a bloody scooter accident in Bermuda this week … which knocked him unconscious and forced him to withdraw from a PGA Tour event.

Murray — who was set to play in the 2022 Butterfield Bermuda Championship — was traveling back to his hotel via scooter at around 4 PM when the incident occurred, per VCP Golf.

Murray was turning around a bend in the road when he steered near the center line. Unfortunately for the golfer, a car coming in the opposite direction was also moving near the center, which resulted in the 29-year-old colliding with the front corner of the vehicle — knocking him off his ride and rolling several feet.

Source: Pro golfer Grayson Murray in Bermuda for @Bermuda_Champ seriously injured in rental scooter accident. Likely out of tournament. Caddie also hurt. @GolfChannel

— Glenn Jones (@GlennNBCBoston) October 26, 2022

Grayson’s caddie, Doug Schwimmer, was traveling behind him on scooter and witnessed the horrific accident … but could not intervene because he was going too quickly to stop.

Schwimmer experienced road rash after falling off his scooter … but was not transported to the hospital.

Murray, meanwhile, was left unconscious and needed 50 stitches (25 on his face) to close his wounds … but did not suffer any broken bones.

While parts of the ordeal remain foggy for Murray, he does remember telling witnesses that his knee was in a lot of pain.

Murray refused to blame anyone for the accident … saying, “Riding on the opposite side of the road is already confusing, and the roads in Bermuda are narrow and sketchy.”

FYI — Murray and his caddie were riding scooters because tourists in the area are prohibited from renting cars.

“Honestly, I’m pretty fortunate because the helmet saved me,” Murray told Golfweek. “If it wasn’t for my knee and stitches in my left hand, I would try to play.”

Murray posted a photo on Instagram on Thursday, making the thumbs-up gesture … and informing everyone that he was heading home.

“Thank you to the PGA tour staff for all the help the last couple days and all the well wishes I got from players/caddies and y’all. Much love.”

Get well soon, Grayson.

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