Teen beats chances, plays in junior PGA

Teen beats chances, plays in junior PGA

CLEVELAND – Chuck Mercurio said Sunday in 2017 was like any normal Sunday. His sons Tony and Vinny decided to go outside to play basketball. They weren’t out long when Vinny came in complaining of a headache.

What you need to know

  • It was a normal Sunday for the Mercurios until their son Vinny said he had a headache
  • When Vinny went for a CT scan, his heart stopped
  • A little over three years later, Vinny is back on her feet
  • He played with his brother Tony at the Bridgestone Junior Tournament

“He just lay there and said, ‘It hurts. It hurts and then he started crying, ”said Chuck Mercurio, Vinny’s father. “I said, ‘Something is wrong.'”

Vinny’s mother Betty took him to the emergency room. They carried him to the hospital, where staff immediately took him for a CT scan. While it was being scanned, Vinny’s heart stopped completely. When Chuck arrived at the hospital, Vinny was intubated.

“When you come in and see your kid with tubes in their throat, you know they’re not breathing on their own, they’re just crazy,” said Chuck.

Vinny had a brain haemorrhage and the doctors warned the family that he might not make it. Vinny had other plans, however.

“Nobody expected him to hit balls here at Firestone,” said Chuck.

Three and a half years later and that’s exactly what he’s doing. He played in the Bridgestone Junior Tournament with his younger brother Tony.

“I’ll just play the way I always play,” said Vinny. “Hopefully I’m doing well.”

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Golf Charity and The Turn, Vinny has a little help on the course.

“It’s called a Paramobile or Paragolfer,” said Vinny.

The Paramobile helps Vinny move a little easier and get in a good position to hit a ball.

Seeing Vinny exceed expectations is something his family is grateful for, and they look forward to seeing him continue to thrive.

“It’ll be fine,” said Vinny.


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