“The biggest cry baby for sure”

by | Oct 31, 2022 | PGA

Rory McIlroy is back on the golf course after a brief hiatus. Despite the fact that he rarely plays consistently, nothing has kept him from being the world’s number one.

Mcllroy was recently labeled a “crybaby” after publicly criticizing his former teammates’ participation in the LIV Golf Championship. Rory shares a strong bond with his Ryder Cup teammates, Sergio Garcia, Henrik Stenson, Ian Poulter, Graeme McDowell, and Martin Kaymer. However, he was not happy with them joining LIV Golf.

Rory admitted to being “betrayed” after his teammates joined the championship. In an interview with the Guardian, Mcllroy said:

“I think it is the first time in my life that I have felt betrayal, in a way. It’s an unfamiliar feeling to me. You build a bond with these people through Ryder Cups and other things. Them knowing that what they are about to do is going to jeopardize them from being a part of that ever again?”

He continued:

“I would like to think the Ryder Cup means as much to them as it does to me. Maybe it does. But knowing what the consequences could be, I just could never make that decision. OK, I might not be 100℅ certain but that could be the outcome? it just isn’t a move I would be willing to make. I thought they felt the same way.”

Charlie Beljan, a former winner of the American tour, called Rory a “crybaby” after hearing his statement. He commented on Bunker’s post about McIlroy’s comments, calling him “the biggest crybaby for sure.”

“LIV Golf feud is out of control,” says Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy is not happy with the tumultuous inaugural season at the LIV Golf Championship. According to him, hoping any truce between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf Championships will be worthless and will only disappoint people. In an interview with the Guardian, Rory confessed that the feud was “out of control” and that the damage done by it would be “irreparable.”

The PGA Tour announced earlier this July that anyone who participated in LIV Golf would be suspended, as reported by Bleachereport. Both championships could not coexist, according to PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan, who stated in the article:

“The answer to that is they’ve gone down their path, and I think we have been consistent that we’re going down ours, and I don’t see that happening.”

Jay also revealed that only the top committed players will be listed for the next season of the PGA Tour. It comes as no surprise that Rory McIlroy will be a part of the next tour, as will legendary golfer Tiger Woods, who will almost certainly return for the next PGA Tour.

Rory Mcllroy image via Getty

Although the LIV Championship sparked far more controversy, it concluded on Sunday, October 30, 2022, with Team 4 Aces taking the title and $16 million in prize money. The purse of $50 million was divided among the 12 teams that competed in the championship.

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