The new way into the golf industry

The new way into the golf industry

The Membership Pathway Program (MPP) formerly known as the PGA Trainee Program has been adapted to accommodate a more diverse spectrum of applicants, be flexible with current work arrangements, and focus on the desired area of ​​employment after completing a now-named PGA Associate’s three-year residency in program.

“The main premise of the improvements we have made is to make the program more effective in terms of outcomes for graduates working in the golf industry, but secondly, more inclusive,” said PGA of Australia General Manager – Education & Membership Geoff Stewart told Golf Australia magazine.

“And inclusivity can mean different things, it’s more inclusive for women, it’s more inclusive for people who want to change careers, maybe a school teacher who wants to become a professional golf player, and also more inclusive in terms of playing ability.”

The main change to the program involves what the PGA refers to as “streams” of the educational program, which aims to create tournament players, club professionals, coaches, golf club executives and many other industry roles upon admission while giving each graduate a degree Diploma level.

The participants in the Membership Pathway Program get to know the most important categories of the golf industry as part of their three-year activity. PHOTO: PGA of Australia.

“The old trainee program had four areas: coaching, game development, small business and management,” said Stewart. “So we kept these topics, but what we have effectively introduced are two levels for the Membership Pathway program. In years one and two, PGA Associates now complete what we would call PGA Member Core Competencies or Golf Industry Core Competencies.

“It’s not just about PGA professional skills, it’s about the golf industry in general, all sorts of topics in coaching, game development, small business and management. And do the sport. These are the five thematic areas that they cover in the first and second years, in which they essentially all run the same program and cover the so-called core competencies.

“At the end of the second year they are now flowing into one of the five areas: coaching, game development, small business, management or playing.”

The PGA of Australia offers third year gaming specialization only to those who have demonstrated gaming skills that suggest a potential career as a Tour professional. And the play area of ​​the three-year course has also changed for those who want a career in the industry rather than on the tour.

The program, which has existed for a number of years, only needs to complete one level of play competence, not the three previously required. This means that if an MPP contestant passes their game in their freshman year, even though they still have to be playing in the membership tournaments, they can put the majority of their focus on their desired stream while they get into a particular segment of . prepares the broad and diverse golf industry.

Another change that has occurred and will help make the program more attractive is the ability for program participants to complete the MPP while working part-time in the golf industry.

“The main premise of the improvements we have made is to make the program more effective in terms of outcomes for the graduates working in the golf industry, but second, more inclusive.” – Geoff Stewart, PGA of Australia General Manager – Education & Membership

“This has been a minor obstacle for some people for many years, so especially those switching from another career might want to keep their fingers in their other career a few days a week while completing the Membership Path program, we wanted this one Do not exclude people from being included in the program. This was designed to further increase inclusion, maybe it can be a struggle for single parents who work full time, ”says Stewart.

“Some of our good candidates were only able to find a part-time position due to their place of residence, for example in a region, and were therefore only able to enter the programs with our old systems once they had found a full-time position. And we’ve found that this is a significant hurdle for some good candidates. “

The part-time switch still has to complete the same number of hours over an extended period of time and is part of a promising modernization of the PGA membership program that has also resulted in an increase in online learning for MPP members.

Influenced in part by the past 18 months of difficulties with COVID-19, as well as to help focus on inclusivity for the time that is poor and remote, webinars and e-learning are the primary source for the educational aspects of the program today.

No longer designated as Trainees and categorized as Associates in the PGA membership categories, the PGA encourages clubs, other PGA professionals and others to use their specific job title to label program participants at their place of work, reaffirming their willingness to move away from one- size-fits-all approach of previous trainee programs.

Applications for the next inclusion in the brand new Membership Pathway program will be closed at the end of this month. Contact the PGA of Australia for further details, including requirements.

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