Trolio thrives on tour, freshman golfer makes PGA debut | Sports

by | Oct 1, 2021 | PGA

“Grab it and tear it up”, “Don’t go right”, “Be the ball”.

These are normal swing thoughts golfers have to say when they stand over a shot. Not newcomer Cohen Tolio, who made his PGA debut Thursday at the Sanderson Farmers Championship in Jackson, Miss.

The newly minted 19-year-old went into the first round calmly, composed and with a lot of sleep. He wasn’t supposed to tee off until later that afternoon, when the local forecast had shown a slight surge in awareness.

The rain stopped and Trolio made his “hello world” moment. In a round of premieres, Trolio shot a 1 under par, 71 to bring him to 71st place. Much of the field sits a few strokes under par and the leader scores 8 under par.

“Up until now, it was cool just hanging out with a bunch of older guys who know a little more than I do,” Trolio said of his experience.

Trolio will go into the second round on Friday seven strokes behind and have no plans to change their style of play from Thursday.

“I’ll play exactly like I played today,” said Trolio. “I keep reminding myself that I’ve been playing golf for a while and that I’ve learned that bogeys feel like birdies. I have to keep a positive attitude. “

Trolio opened his round and bogey the first hole. This is due to jitter or even equipment malfunction. The novice mentioned that he noticed earlier in the week that his driver had a crack and needed to replace it. However, he found that the same racket had been used in two of his previous college tournaments. Trolio finished Even Par and finished 19th in his first outing and 3 under par, tied for 11th in the second time.

His opening hole wasn’t the stereotype fairy tales would have told, but his friends and family who came to see him knew he would shake off the early misfires. Trolio soaked up the experience and sailed evenly with par on the following hole.

His following on Thursday matched that of defending champion Sergio Garcia. Trolio was the hometown darling with a lot of ‘Mississippi love’.

On the third hole, Trolio found his stride by taking three consecutive holes with a birdie to 2 under par. The third hole was played as a long 584 yard, par 5. The West Point, miss. Native drained his yardage putt from 26 feet seven inches from the hole. The length wasn’t a problem. He carded his first tour birdie.

Then on the par 3, Trolio No. 4 strutted to the green after throwing his tee shot and buried his birdie opportunity. Back at number 5, his putter would bring him success.

The putter wasn’t his friend all day, however. On the ninth green, Trolio strode his birdie putt well over the hole and had a simple five foot putt for the par that misjudged speed and went for his second bogey.

“I’ve played golf long enough that I know a hole is just a hole,” said the amateur. “Of course, some thoughts will cross your mind, but that’s why you play golf. I just have to say, ‘All right’.

Trolio quickly recovered with a highlight reel chip in on # 10. He would parry the next seven holes and then do the final bogey.

Trolio has shown in a round of professional golf that he has the talent to end up on the tour. He’ll tee off in front of an ever-growing fan base on Friday morning at 8:55 a.m.

“Some days are just not your day. morning[Friday] I’ll go out there and do the exact same thing and see what happens. “