Wagoner fires 62 for a come-from-behind win in Mazatlán

by | Nov 13, 2021 | PGA

Brax McCarthy finished in nineteenth place with a final lap of 7 under 64 and made a good attack. He shot a 29 on the front nine, including a hole-in-one at # 6, a short par-3, where he had 135 yards to the pin. McCarthy is from Fort Worth, Texas and will turn 30 on Monday. McCarthy scored his first ace in a professional tournament, his fifth overall, with a pitching wedge.

Estrella del Mar, a par 72 that is 7,015 yards long, was played as a par 71 this week, with officials shortening the first hole to 360 yards and making it a par 4. The opening hole is regularly played as a 541-yard par-5, but due to the effects of two new hurricanes and heavy rains that flooded the hole, the tee box had to be relocated to a new area.

Since the course was wet in several areas due to the recent bad weather, preferred locations in densely mowed areas were effective in all four laps.


“I’m pumped up, I’m excited. I played the Forme Tour last season and kept my card there, but I’m ready to leave the country and visit some new places. ”- Blake Wagoner talks about his first season in Latin America

“(My Spanish) has to get better. Maybe I’ll download Duolingo. ”- Blake Wagoner

“I did a birdie on the first hole, the way I wanted to to get off to a good start. I did about a twelve foot long there and then I don’t know what happened. I made myself a little comfortable and just couldn’t do birdie putts like yesterday. Sometimes it only takes one putt to change swing. I always struggled to do these critical putts. “(Tim Widing)

“(No.) 16 plays hard, 210 meters against the wind. (I) missed a six-footer there and went bogey, and then, at 17, hit a great drive that rolled into the rough. I was expecting it to fly a little longer because every time I’ve been in the rough this week it kind of jumped and flown, but this time it didn’t and it was stuck in the bunker. It was an impossible shot to hit that pin position so I basically had to pull the last shot to 18 and hit it at nine feet. All in all, I’m really disappointed that I couldn’t finish it after the first two days, but I’ve earned a (PGA TOUR) Latinoamérica card and I’m really looking forward to the start of the season. ”- Tim Widing describes the costly bogeys, which he on 16. and 17.

“Today was good. I felt like I didn’t really have my best things for the first three days and today I woke up feeling a little better. I got off to a slow start, was 2 over 5 and then had a nice run, started rolling a few putts and I did some good shots so I’m happy with the day. ”- Denzel Ieremia on the 66, which put him in a second draw

“I’m happy to secure starts for the first six tournaments of the season, but it was a little more stressful than it should have been. I haven’t played my best golf in the last 36 holes, but I stayed patient and tried to take my chances. ”- Emilio González

“I didn’t have a good front nine, but when I made the turn I said to myself, ‘You have to keep your heart out there on the court,’ and I did birdies on 10, 11 and 13. Then I did a dumb bogey on 14, but I got back to 15 with birdie and made it into a playoff with Pars. ”–José Pablo Rolz

“The playoff (by two places in the top 12) was very interesting. There were seven players for two courses who played together on the tenth hole. I had never seen anything like it. I took it off the tee, it was horrible, but I’m a fighter so I stayed positive thinking that I would be fine. From there I had a good angle of attack and I hit a great shot and then did the birdie putt. It was good enough to get away with with another player. In the end it was an exhilaration of emotions. ”–José Pablo Rolz

Weather report for the final round

Sunny and clear. Maximum value of 89. Wind NNE with 7 mph.