Whitetail wins RBC PGA Scramble

by | Oct 6, 2021 | PGA

When you think of the great pressure players of all time, you think of Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, and Wayne Gretzky. Well, Joshua Hooper is better involved in these conversations from that day on.

This is a hyperbolic statement; but nonetheless, an amateur gamer who slaps the shots on the track that Hooper did is clutch.

While it was a nerve-wracking finish to the second nine of the 2021 RBC PGA Scramble National Championship, the team split from the Whitetail Golf Club in Eganville, Ontario during the final two holes at Cabot Links thanks to the team from the crowd member Hooper.

Maybe it was something in the water, or maybe it was something in the air of Cabot Cape Breton, we may never know, but we do know that Hooper has that clutch gene.

From a distance of 40 feet on the 17th hole and behind the Black Mountain team in one fell swoop, Hooper stepped on and curled up in the breaker breaking from left to right, sending his team consisting of Jonathan Schaler, Jouni Jutila, Manraj Grewal and Jason McGrath, the Head Professional of Stittsville Golf Course, goes into a frenzy.

At the next hole, from a downhill lie, Hooper held on again and hit a 7 iron on two feet when one of his teammates yelled, “Hooper is so gripped it’s gross.”

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After all that was said and done, the Whitetail team beat the Black Mountain Golf Club team.

“Everything was incredible, the courses were excellent, the people were awesome, the breakfast and dinner were awesome, everything was great, there was nothing that could have been better,” said Jonathan Schaler after the win. “Winning was pretty cool too, we started at the very back and climbed the cliffs on moving day in crazy weather.”

Schaler is right about the weather – the 50 km / h gusts on Monday resulted in values ​​5.7 beats higher than the day before.

“We were thrilled that we were allowed to play in such a strong wind, then we have a day like this, there was nothing that could have been better,” continued Schaler.

Cabot Cape Breton in Inverness, NS, is Canada’s first and only authentic links golf resort. Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the picturesque city of Inverness, Cabot Links course represents a dramatic departure from the typical golf getaway. With six waterfront holes and each hole offering an ocean view, Cabot Links is where traditional linksland is -Golf comes to life against the spectacular Nova Scotia landscape.

This year’s RBC PGA Scramble was bigger than ever with a record 154 local qualifiers across the country with nearly 13,000 entrants. In short – it was the amateur golf event of the summer again.

“RBC was great, Cabot was great, our caddies were great,” said Schaler. “After we played the first round, no one we saw all night had anything but great to say about the event. When can we register for next year? “

The Oakfield Golf Club group played earlier in the day and repeated what the Whitetail group had said about the event.

“Many thanks to RBC, Cabot and the PGA of Canada for this week and for making it happen,” said Ryan O’Connor, Head Professional, Oakfield Golf Club. “We really appreciate all of the hard work and long hours and everything that goes into an event like this. It was excellent, so good to everyone. “

Ahead of the week, players received a package from Titleist and Footjoy thanks to their support for the championship. In addition, every player participating in the RBC PGA Scramble was given GolfTV codes that allowed them to access the service until the end of 2021. Golf Avenue also sponsored the RBC PGA Scramble this year and offered club trade-ins at many local qualifiers.